WhatsApp: how to put different tones to the notifications of a contact or group

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Not all WhatsApp conversations are equally important. Some of you will want to hear about new messages as soon as they arrive, while other chats can wait. One way to separate the wheat from the chaff on WhatsApp is to customize notifications for set a different ringtone to certain contacts or groups.

Configuring WhatsApp notifications correctly is vital especially if you have joined many groups, otherwise you can receive a lot of notifications on mobile if you don’t have it muted. Doing so is very simple and recommended if you think you are receiving too many notifications from WhatsApp.

Turn off notifications for a group or contact

WhatsApp allows you to configure a different notification tone for each contact or group, although if what you want is that you do not receive notifications of new messages from certain people or groups, then the slightly different settings: what you are looking for is called Mute notifications.

This option is accessible from the menu (the ⋮ button) at the top of any chat, choosing Mute notifications. Although in the future it is planned that WhatsApp allows you to forever silence a contact or groupToday the options are still three: for 8 hours, for 1 week or for 1 year.

Mute not

By silencing the notifications of a chat or group, no notice will be displayed when new messages arrive in those chats, so there will also be no sound warning. The other person will not know that you have muted their chat, and you can continue reading and responding to these chats in the normal way, after entering WhatsApp.

Change the notification tone for certain contacts

The previous option removes the notifications completely, but if you prefer to keep the notifications, but have a different tone, then what you need is customize notifications.

To customize the notifications of a WhatsApp chat or group, you must touch on his behalf at the top of a chat, to open the options window. In it, tap on Customize notifications.


In the window that opens, the first thing you should do is check the box Custom Notifications, so that you can configure the rest of the elements. There are several interesting options here, although the one that interests you is probably Notification tone, where you can choose what tone you want to sound when a new message arrives in this chat.


Note that you can choose None, so that new messages in this chat will show notification on mobile, but will not have sound. Similarly, in these custom settings you can also choose if you want the mobile to vibrate or not, as well as the color of the notification LED, although this setting is not compatible with all mobiles and some do not already include this LED.

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WhatsApp: how to put different tones to the notifications of a contact or group

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