WhatsApp can read your messages when you report another account

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WhatsApp is being one of the main protagonists of this week, after having introduced in Spain its new tool to manage storage, as well as announcing the arrival of messages that self-destruct. These functions are already made available to users in the application, although the firm is already working on new functions.

One of the functions that WhatsApp is working on is set to generate some controversy. Since they are testing a function that will allow the application to read your messages, although only when the user has given permission for this to happen.

WhatsApp can read your messages

WhatsApp read messages

In this function, which has been seen in version of the application, it does not mean that WhatsApp will be able to read your messages directly or for no reason. This is something that happens when one user reports another user in the app. It is then when the company can access the messages of these conversations, whether individual or group.

The idea is that if the company has access to part of the content of these conversations, it will be possible to verify that complaint that a user has made. The messages will be used as evidence in the reporting process of an account in the application. This way it will be possible to verify if this complaint is reliable or real, based on something or not.

This function has been launched in a limited way in this version of WhatsApp, although at the moment it has not reached all users in the messaging application. In this case, will be the most recent messages that have been exchanged with said user those that the application will be able to read, to determine the veracity of the complaint.

It is expected that in the next few weeks it will be launched this function for all users of the application. If you update to version, you already have access to it. No time dates have been given for its deployment, although it should not take too long.

WhatsApp can read your messages when you report another account 1


The WhatsApp entry will be able to read your messages when you report another account, it appears first in El Androide Libre.