Whatever happens to Google, Huawei’s mobile services are here to stay

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Huawei is one of the mobile companies with the largest presence in Spain, and which faces a complex situation since last year as a result of the veto of Donald Trump that prevented Huawei from including Google applications and services within its mobile devices and ending betting on its own Huawei mobile services.

In the last hours, and with the doubt about what will happen to Trump’s veto if Biden achieves the presidency in the United States, one of the most frequently asked questions at Huawei’s last press conference in Spain has been whether they are expected to return. With google. The company is quite clear about it.

Whether Biden or Trump wins does not matter, Huawei’s bet is irreversible

The United States’ veto of Huawei came through an executive order from then-President Donald Trump. Faced with this order, many people have assumed that if Biden ends up being president of the United States, this order could be annulled, allowing Huawei to work with Google again.

Whatever happens to Google, Huawei's mobile services are here to stay 1

To this day, it is a question that is not entirely clear, since the executive order could also be maintained while Biden is in office. At Huawei’s last press conference in Spain, it was a common question, and Huawei’s response was clear.

To this day, the Chinese giant is not clear about what will happen to Google, and they consider that if the door opens, they would consider including their services within the ecosystem in Huawei. However, this possibility does not affect Huawei’s future plans.

The company acknowledges that when it was forced to make a decision last year, it was tough but firm. Whether Google returns to Huawei or not, HMS is going to be the highest priority for Huawei and they will continue to invest as a priority in their own ecosystem.

Looking to a future with more manufacturers betting on Huawei mobile services

Whatever happens to Google, Huawei's mobile services are here to stay 2

When asked about the firm commitment to HMS, Pablo Wang, Country Managerof Huawei Spain decided to make an extra point, indicating that Huawei’s purpose is not only to have its own ecosystem for themselves, but that they intend to go one step further allowing that in the future we do not consider whether Huawei uses Google services , but if other users may wonder if a mobile can incorporate Huawei’s mobile services.

HMS can be adopted by any Android manufacturer.

From El Android Libre we were able to ask Huawei if any Android manufacturer has the possibility of incorporating Huawei’s mobile services by pre-installing them on their smartphones. The response was positive, and it is that beyond the fact that we can install mobile services within any smartphone, the company insists that HMS is an open ecosystem and any Android manufacturer can collaborate with Huawei to pre-install their mobile services.

Whatever happens to Google, Huawei's mobile services are here to stay 3

In addition to mobile manufacturers, Huawei is betting heavily on the Spanish market, achievingpartnerswith weight in the industry. One of the latest agreements is with the Spanish company Cecotec, which will integrate its applications in the App Gallery with Huawei’s mobile services. The company also boasts that 95% of the top 150 most downloaded applications in Spain are already within the App Gallery, with the presence of banking, government applications or companies such as Renfe.

The figures are promising, but the biggest challenge is whether the remaining 5% outweighs the 95% achieved.

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