What to do if your Android phone slow charge

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Chargers mobile

The that your mobile phone is loading slowthat takes longer than normal to complete the load, is a relatively common problem among users on Android. It is likely that some of you have suffered this problem with one of your phones. In a situation such as this, the important thing is to be able to determine the source, to apply a solution.

There are several possible solutions to this problem, for determine the reason why your Android phone slow charge, in addition to the steps needed to make it go to charging normally again. Surely some of these solutions will help everything to work properly again.

Are there any problems with the charger?

What to do if your Android phone slow charge 1

One of the first aspects to to check is if the charger of the phone is damaged. It may be that the loader itself, the cable or the USB connector may be damaged, what would be causing the phone to load slow. So, you can try to charge another phone using the same charger you use to charge yours. If the phone experiences a load that is too slow, then it is a failure of this charger.

Another option is to try to charge your mobile using a different charger that you use normally. If you load normally, you can already rule out that it is a problem of the phone. On the contrary, if the mobile loading slow, also using this charger, it could be a problem of the phone or the battery, what is causing this charging problem in your case.

Check the USB

Charging via microUSB

Another common problem lies in the USB in the phone, there are times that directly does not work. Although many times the cause is as simple as that it has cast something of dirt or dust in the samethat is what is giving you problems when charging the phone. For this reason, it is good to check if this is the case, as could be the case that the mobile load slow.

We can resort to a toothbrush with soft bristles, a method quite common, which allows you to see whether or not there is dirt in that USB connector. Others use sticks or swabs, which can also help in this regard. Yes, at the time of cleaning said USB connector of the phone you have to have the device turned off.

Check the speed of loading

What to do if your Android phone slow charge 2

This app is a good help to be able to determine if the load is really slow. It may happen that use a couple of chargers different at the time of charging your mobile, if you have one at home and another at work, for example. If you suspect that the mobile slow charge using one of them, you can use Ampere. This application measures the speed of loading, so you can get out of doubts.

Thanks to it you can see the loading speed in real time of the phone. Normal and ideal is that such speed is not lower than 1000 Ah, and if you’re using fast load is even greater than this amount. We can leave Ampere open and check how it evolves such load, to see if this speed is really slow.

Ampere you can download on the Android free of charge. The app has ads and purchases in your interior, although to measure this speed of loading, which is what interests us, we don’t have to pay for anything within the application. Is available in the Play Store:

What to do if your Android phone slow charge 3

State of the battery

What to do if your Android phone slow charge 4

Before we have checked if it was a problem of charger or of the phone. If it turns out that the problem resides on the phone, not be ruled out that there is a problem or fault with the battery. That’s why, check the status of the battery it is a good solution, since in the event that something really does go wrong, we know that it could be the cause of the mobile load slow. The way to check the status of the battery is not new, because I will show you how.

You can use CPU-Z an application that informs us about the state of the battery of the phone. Data such as your health, or the temperature shown in this application, so let us know if there is something wrong with it. So, if it has detected something, we know that is the reason why the mobile load slow. Depending on the problem, especially if the battery is under warranty, we can go to the manufacturer for repair.

What to do if your Android phone slow charge 5

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