What to do if WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application among users in Spain. It is very common that we send photos in our conversations in the application, as well as receiving them. When someone has sent us a photo, it is normal for that image to be saved in the phone’s gallery, although this does not always happen.

It is possible that it has happened to you on some occasion that a photo that someone has sent you on WhatsApp not saved in phone gallery. If this is the case, there are a series of solutions with which to make that photo stay finally saved in the gallery on Android.

Mobile storage full?

Android storage

The reason why that photo or photos that have been sent to you through WhatsApp are not saved on the phone is that storage is full. This is something that we can check in a simple way, because in the storage section in the settings you can see how much space you have free on your Android mobile. It will notify you in this section if you have little free space and it is necessary to free up space.

If you have a mobile that has little storage space, you have to be especially careful with this aspect and avoid filling the memory too easily or quickly.

Automatic download of WhatsApp images

WhatsApp automatic download images

Another aspect to consider is the possibility that you have disabled automatic download of WhatsApp images. This is a function that many disable to save mobile data on their phone, but it means that the photos they send us are not going to be saved directly in the gallery. But we will have to download the photo in the chat so that it is then saved. If you want, you can deactivate this function in the app settings, following these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right.
  3. Go into the settings.
  4. Go to the section Storage and use of data.
  5. Scroll down to Automatic Download.
  6. Allow files to download automatically, not just over WiFi.
  7. Exit the settings.

Clear the cache

Clear WhatsApp cache

When there are problems with an application or its functions, we can resort to clearing your cache. Too much cache may have accumulated and become corrupted, creating this problem. This is a method that continues to be questioned, although for many users it works well. Therefore, it is always an option that we can resort to in these types of situations, something we can do by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter the Applications section.
  3. Look for WhatsApp in the list.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Go to Storage.
  6. Click on the Clear cache button.

Most likely, when you open WhatsApp again and save a photo, said image appears in the phone gallery normally.

Internet connection

The problem may be due to something as simple as that your internet connection is poor or unstable, making you unable to download these photos on your phone. Therefore, it is good to check if you are having problems with that connection, whether it is mobile data or WiFi, to determine if this is the cause of the problem. There are times when disconnecting the mobile from the network, waiting a few seconds and reconnecting it, usually works well.

Restart the phone

How to turn off and restart your mobile without pressing the power button

A truism solution, but what works with all kinds of problems on Android, also in this case. If the photos that have been sent to you by WhatsApp are not being saved in the gallery of your mobile, try restarting the phone. There may have been a problem with the processes that are running in it, thus preventing these photos from being saved.

It is likely that when you have restarted the phone, the photos are saved or displayed already in the gallery on Android. Restarting the phone costs nothing and often puts an end to those problems, so it’s always worth trying.

Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it

What to do if WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery 1

If nothing has worked, you can try to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and then install it again. This is something that usually works and solves problems that have been with the application on Android. Therefore, if you have tried various solutions, such as the ones we have shown here, but nothing works, you can resort to this.

Of course, before proceeding to uninstall the application, backup everything, so that when you install it again you will have your chats and the files that have been sent in them again.

What to do if WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery 2


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