What to do if the notification bar on Android does not work

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The notification bar is an essential part of our Android phone, which also supports many customization options. As with any other item on the phone, it may experience problems with its operation. There are times when Notification bar on Android does not respond or does not display, something that users in Spain have also suffered.

This is not something that happens regularly, but when it happens it is especially annoying. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions we can try so that the notification bar will work again. Thus, we can use our Android phone normally again.

Restart the phone

How to turn off and restart your mobile without pressing the power button

We started with a truism solution, but it continues to give very good results when something happens on our Android phone. If the notification bar does not display, no matter how hard you try, it is possible that some process has failed or one of the applications that show notifications on the phone.

In this situation, proceed to restart the phone normally. It is likely that when you have turned it on again you will be able to slide the notification bar again without any problem. It’s the simplest solution, but one that still works well.

Is any application giving problems?

Android safe mode

There are times when It is an application that we have installed in Android the one that is causing problems, as in this case with the notification bar. Identifying if this is the case is something we need to do, to rule this out and to take action in the event that an app is at fault. The best we can do is activate the safe mode of the phone, in order to try to display said bar in this mode.

The steps to access safe mode change between brands, although they are usually similar, as we already told you. In the safe mode of Android we can use the phone and perform actions that were causing problems, as in this case displaying the notification bar. Since if within this safe mode it is possible to slide it, at least it is not a problem in said bar.

It is probably an app that you have recently installed, so it checks when the problem started. If it is after having installed an application on your mobile, then try uninstalling it from your phone. Most likely, after doing this, the notification bar will work again.

Are there problems on the screen?

What to do if the notification bar on Android does not work 1

It may be the case that it is precisely the panel that is failing, making it impossible for you to swipe the notification bar on your Android phone. If you have suspicions or have noticed that the panel has problems when using the phone, this may be the reason why it is impossible to slide the bar.

There are applications that can help us detect phone screen problems, like seeing if there are certain parts of the panel that have stopped responding. It cannot be ruled out that it is a problem in the panel, such as that there is an area where the sensitivity is worse or that it does not respond correctly when we click on it.

Using some of the applications that we mentioned at the time, such as Multituch Test, you can see if there are problems on the screen of your Android phone. Then you can get out of doubt about the status of the panel and if it is the reason why we cannot display the notification bar.

Display the notification bar from anywhere

One UI swipe screen notifications

If it is a panel problem, which could happen, and you are going to continue using your phone, you can always activate the option that allows you swipe the notification bar from anywhere on the phone. It is a function present in many layers of customization, with which you will be able to make the bar unfold whenever you make the gesture of sliding down, regardless of where on the screen you perform that gesture. The steps to activate this option are:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Enter the Screen section (it may vary in your layer).
  3. Go to the Home Screen.
  4. Look for the “Swipe down for notifications” option.
  5. Activate this option.

Reset phone

How to restore your factory phone to fix the most persistent problems

If nothing has worked, the solution to turn to in extreme cases, when nothing works, is to reset your phone. Normally, this error with the notification bar can be solved, but if it has not been possible, then there is always the possibility of restoring the phone to the factory.

  1. Settings
  2. System (the section may vary, there are layers that have a reset section).
  3. Enter the Reset section.
  4. Select the option to Restore phone.
  5. Confirm.
  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Click on the Restore button

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