What to do if the display remains blank when you open Instagram

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Sure that many of you have gone on any occasion, that when you try to open Instagram on your Android phone, the screen is blank. It is impossible to log in to the application and do not really know the reason why this is happening. If this happens to you in any time, there are a series of checks to take into account.

The reasons for that the screen is blank when you try to open Instagram can be varied. Because that might reside on our phone, but also in the application. It is for this reason that we must try to find the source of this error to be able to apply solutions.

What has fallen Instagram?

Down Detector

There are times that the social network has operational problems and is just falling, which is what prevents you to access the application in Android. To check if Instagram has fallen or is suffering performance problems is one of the first checks, since it is very likely that this is the cause by which does not open on our phone. There are a number of tools available for this, which will help us to have this information.

If this is the cause, since we can only hope that such operational problems are going to solve and Instagram to work again. It is normal that are going to spend several hours, until this is fixed and you can open it and use normally again.

Problems with the application in Android

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Other times the problem resides in the application itself, that has suffered a failure in its operation. On more than one occasion what has happened to us, not only with Instagram, when I try to open an application on the phone is not possible, or there are problems. It is best to force quit the application and then try opening it again. It is a solution which in many cases works well.

If this does not work, there is always the possibility to clear the cache or data of the application. There may have been a cache issue, that has become corrupted, that creates this problem when we want to open the application. The steps to clear cache of the application are:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Enters Applications.
  3. Look for Instagram in the list of applications.
  4. You click on it.
  5. Go to the section of Storage.
  6. Tap Clear cache.

Another aspect that can occur if it is a fault of the application itself, is that need an update. There are times that older versions of an application are suffering malfunctions, but updating to the new version everything is fixed. Or just that you’ve updated to a new version of Instagram when this failure has begun. In such case, you can try to go back to a previous version of the app to fix this problem.

Problems with your Internet connection

The problem that the screen goes blank when you try to open Instagram you can have your source in your connection to the Internet. Either because you don’t have connection in that time (you haven’t activated the WiFi or mobile data, and you have not noticed) or because your connection works wrong. This is a very common failure, which prevents you go to be able to open the app in Android.

To be sure, also check if you have mobile data or WiFi turned on, try using other applications, such as navigating in Google Chrome, to see if your Internet connection is working in the correct way. If you can surf on Internet or use other applications without problems, then it is not a problem of your connection, but if this is not possible, at least we know that it is a failure of your connection. In the event that the mobile data does not work, you can try any of these solutions.

Restart the phone

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A solution of truism, but that still gives very good results against all kinds of failures or problems in Android. If Instagram goes blank when you try to open it, we can reboot the phone. Many times there are faults with the processes that are running on the phone, which has as a result that is not possible to open this application.

When you restart the phone, these processes end, doing that thing that was causing the bug to disappear also. When the phone has restarted again, try to open Instagram. For the majority of users will have been enough and will allow it to work normally again.

Reinstall Instagram

What to do if the display remains blank when you open Instagram 1

One last option to fall back on is to reinstall the application. If nothing has worked, we can delete Instagram from our phone and proceed to download the app again. This is an option something more extreme, but you can fix this annoying problem, causing the application to open and function normally again. Especially in the case that you have downloaded an APK or a modified version may be useful.

What to do if the display remains blank when you open Instagram 2


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