What to do if Google Chrome does not work on Android

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Google Chrome is the browser par excellence in Android, the most used by the majority. As with any other application on the phone, you can have problems functioning with it. There are occasions in which directly does not work, we did not get to open the browser on our phone. One situation particularly upset, but that has several solutions.

Although it is rare that Google Chrome stop working on an Android phone, if this happens at some point in time we have a number of solutions to try, which will allow the browser to go to work again normally. Sure that any of these solutions is of some help to this problem.

Upgrade to a new version of Google Chrome

Google Chrome

This is not the first time that this has happened, that some version of the browser functional problems, forcing users to upgrade or return to a previous version of the same. There are occasions in which a version of Google Chrome you can suffer performance problems on the phone, making you have to search for the latest version. When you upgrade it is common that everything to work normally again.

You can spend just the opposite case, that would be an update that causes these problems in the browser. This is something that has happened with many applications, also with Google Chrome. In this type of situation, return to a previous version of the browser will allow you to be able to use normally, while Google fixes this bug.

Restart Google Chrome

Google Chrome and its new recommendations, and are activated

An advice that Google give in this kind of situations is to restart the browser. If it has been blocked or simply not let you use it, restart the browser puts an end to this type of failurefor you to be able to use it normally again. Once you’ve closed the browser, we wait a few seconds and open it again. In most cases you may be able to use it normally again. To reset it, do this:

  1. Tap the square button What to do if Google Chrome does not work on Android 1 on the home screen.
  2. Show the open applications on the phone.
  3. Search For Google Chrome.
  4. Swipe to close it or tap the X at the top.
  5. After a few seconds, open again the browser.

Wipe data / cache

What to do if Google Chrome does not work on Android 2

An option that is still being used when an application on the phone stops working. Especially an application like Google Chrome, that builds up a large amount of cache and data can suffer this type of problems. If he has accumulated too much cache can get corrupted and one of the consequences is that the browser to go to stop working or have problems. The solution is to clear the cache or data, depending on the case. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters Applications.
  3. Search for Google Chrome in the list.
  4. Enter in the app.
  5. Go to the section of storage.
  6. Clears the cache, or delete your data.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

A solution of platitude, but today it is still functioning perfectly when there is some application or function that is giving you problems or does not work in Android. It is likely that there has been a failure in the processes on the phone, which on this occasion has as a consequence that Google Chrome has stopped working on the phone.

Restarting the phone allows these processes to stop, and that the phone to start from zero again. It is very likely that after you have restarted your mobile phone, your Google Chrome will work normally again. A solution as simple as effective to take into account.

What connection problems?

What to do if Google Chrome does not work on Android 3

If Google Chrome allows you to navigate, it could be that the problem is not the browser, but that is set in your connection. Either the WiFi or the mobile data of the phone. In fact, it is likely that you will encounter this problem when surfing using a connection in particular. Therefore, if using the WiFi gives you problems, happens to use the mobile data and see if then it works correctly.

It is also advisable to test to use other apps that need connection to the Internet, to be able to rule out whether the source of the bug is or not in that connection to the Internet. At least allows you to rule out a possible source of this annoying bug when using the browser on the phone.

Closed tabs and applications

What to do if Google Chrome does not work on Android 4

This is another recommendation from Google problems with Google Chrome. There are times when we have failures in the operation of the browser, because they lack memory on your phone or Android tablet, which prevents the website is loaded while there are apps and programs functioning.

That is why it is recommended that you close tabs, or applications, to go to reduce the memory usage and then the browser to function properly and we can browse or enter in the desired web page to do this. This is what is recommended to do:

  • Close all tabs, except that the error message appears.
  • Close applications or programs that are running.
  • Pause any application download or files.

To do this, we should be able to browse normally with Google Chrome and the error message would no longer have to get out more, so that the problem would be already solved then.

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