What to do if Disney + does not work on your Android mobile

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Disney + is Disney’s streaming service, which became official last November, when we were able to test it, and which arrived in Spain in the first months of this year. Since its launch in the market, this service has become a success, which is facing options such as Netflix around the world.

As can happen with other applications on your Android phone, there are times when Disney + doesn’t work. If this happens to you, there are a series of solutions that you will be able to try so that the Disney streaming application will work again on your phone.

Internet connection

What to do if Disney + does not work on your Android mobile 1

A common reason why you cannot use Disney + on your Android mobile is that internet connection is not good enough or stable, or that you do not have an Internet connection directly. That is why it is one of the first aspects that we must consider when this happens.

Whether you are using WiFi or mobile dataCheck if your connection is the problem, either by opening another application that needs an Internet connection or by connecting and disconnecting it. If your connection is not the source of this problem, then it is probably the app itself.

Has Disney + crashed?

Downdetector Disney +

Like other streaming services like Netflix, Disney + can also fall on occasion, so that it is impossible for you to reproduce content in your application on Android. Although it is rare that there is a problem with the servers of the streaming platform, it is something that can happen, which is what causes the application to not work at that time.

When it comes to finding out if this is the problem, we can turn to web pages where we are notified if any web or service is down at that time. A good option is Downdetector, where we can see if Disney + has fallen or not and thus determine if this is the cause of the problem. Also, if you have a problem, you can report it on the web.

Update the app

A common solution in these types of situations is to search if there is any update available for Disney +, which will serve to put an end to this operating problem in it. There are times when updating to a new version of an application will put an end to your problems. So look in the Play Store if there is any new update available.

Although it may it was when updating when the problems started with the app on your phone. This is something that also happens on some occasions, before which we can go back to a previous version of the application, where there were no operating problems. At least while waiting for a new version to be released where these bugs are corrected.

Reboot phone

How to turn off and restart your mobile without pressing the power button

A classic and somewhat cliché solution, but one that continues to work perfectly with Android problems, also in this case if Disney + does not work. Reboot the phone It is a way to put an end to a problem with the phone of its applications, since you are going to completely stop all the processes that are running in it.

It is likely that when you restart the phoneIf you try to open Disney + and play content in the application, it will be possible. So it is something that is always worth it, since it is a very simple way to solve any problem on Android.

Error codes

Disney + error codes

If when you have tried to open the application or play some content, you have gotten an error code, this is something that can help us. When in Disney + we get an error codeLike “Error 41” or “Error 83”, this gives us some information about the origin of this problem in the application, since an error code refers to a specific problem.

In this situation, you can go to the Disney + website, where you have a customer service section, as well as frequently asked questions, where you can search for the code that has come out, to know more about this error in the application. There is also a chat, where they can help you also if you get an error code on the screen.

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