What to do if Amazon Prime Video doesn’t work on Android

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Amazon Prime Video is one of the streaming services best known in Spain, and recently incorporated the new subscription channels. This application has been gaining a place on Android over time, thanks to its huge content catalog, as well as its many functions and a reasonable price, compared to others.

As with other applications on Android, Amazon Prime Video may not work on your phone. It may happen that the application does not work, or that you have problems with it when playing content. If this happens, there are a number of solutions that we can try on our phone.

Problems with your Internet connection?

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One of the first aspects that we must always check in this type of situation is our internet connection. Whether we are using mobile data or WiFi, it may be a problem with the Internet connection that prevents us from using Amazon Prime Video on Android.

You can try to use another app on the phone that uses the internet, to see if it works well or not. Also moving from mobile data to WiFi or vice versa is a good option to consider. This will show you whether or not you have problems with the internet connection on your phone. If the connection works well, we can rule out that it is the reason why Amazon Prime Video does not work well.

Has Amazon Prime Video crashed?

Downdetector Amazon Prime Video

As with other services of this type such as Netflix, the Amazon streaming platform may go down on occasion, causing it to not work on your Android phone. It is not usually very common for Prime Video to crash, but it is something that can happen and should be checked, because it may be the cause of this problem.

Luckily, in this type of situation, we can turn to pages like Downdetector, where we can see if Amazon Prime Video has fallen or not or is suffering problems. It is a website where you are notified if there are malfunctions, such as the one that has fallen in some countries, including yours. This is a quick and simple way to rule out if this is the reason why the application is not working at the moment.

Problems with the application?

What to do if Amazon Prime Video doesn't work on Android 1

The problem may lie with the application itself, as that impossible to open on the phone or that when opening it, it gives us some kind of error continuously. If this is what happens to you when using Amazon Prime Video on Android, it is possible that the application needs an update to correct these errors. Go to the Play Store to check if there is a new version of the application available at that time.

It is also possible that this error has started when you have updated the application to a new version. There are times when problems arise in a new version of it. In these cases, we can wait for a new update to be released where this bug is corrected, but also return to a previous version.

A more extreme option is to completely uninstall Amazon Prime Video from the phone and then proceed with its installation again. This is something that works sometimes.

Reboot the phone

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A classic solution, which works on all kinds of problems on Android, also when an app doesn’t work. If the Amazon streaming app does not work on our phone, we can try to restart the device. There are times when the errors that appear in the applications have been caused by failures in the processes that are running in it. Restarting puts an end to these processes, as well as that error.

Try restarting your phone to see if when it’s turned on again you can use Amazon Prime Video normally again. On many occasions it is something that will work well.

Amazon Prime Video error codes

When there are certain problems with the application, an error code is usually displayed on the screen, which is the one that gives us clues about the origin of this error. There are a series of error codes that are common on the platform, such as 1007, 1022, 7031 or 9003. These four codes, for example, usually indicate that your Internet speed is too slow.

Although there are more codes than indicate some kind of error when playing content on Amazon Prime Video. In their forums you usually find explanations about what each one of them means, or what you can do to solve said failure in the application.

Support page

Prime Video support

Amazon Prime Video also has a support page, where we can consult in case of an error, since they can give us a solution that is helpful in this type of situation. It is always a useful method in this type of situation, since it can better guide us to find a solution to said failure in the platform.

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