What is this arcade football game about

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Table of Contents

A bet that puts simulation aside to focus on what is really important, which is playing games without stopping. Having some additional elements so that it does not become a repetitive game, all its power is in the football games themselves.

Mini Football

Mini Football, fast and fast-paced matches

It is the typical title free to play, in which we find integrated purchases to improve the equipment more quickly or get personalization elements. In the playable, we came across a initial tutorial to assimilate the controls, and without this influencing anyone, it is advisable to do so. It will help us to know the location of each control and to play with more ease.

mini football match

Then the first full game will come, where we have the opportunity to face a real player. As we can tell after a few minutes in the game, the games are totally online, without the possibility of facing AI or offline. When we play a game in Mini Football, we see the 3D graphics with a light touch cartoon which resembles the arcade philosophy of the game. In addition, the duration of the same does not go beyond the 2 minutes, so they go by pretty quickly.

When it comes to managing the matches, it couldn’t be easier. The controls feature a virtual joystick to move the player, as well as three buttons to shoot, pass or run. That is to attack, since when we have to defend, the buttons will change to ‘Sprint’, ‘Entry’ and ‘Change’ to select the different players on the field. The animations of the players are simple, since they do not dribble, uncheck or anything like that.

mini football matchmaking

In each game there will be coins in play as a bet, and whoever wins will get these coins as well as reward packs, which can be more coins, level ups, jewels or other elements of the game. This will be shown to you on a screen at the end of the match, along with the amount of experience you have earned. He matchmaking it is correct and fastas it faces players of the same level, rated by team star numbers.

We can also manage the team and finalize it

When you enter to manage your team, you will be able to see the files of all the players you have and make the corresponding changes. Here there is no fatigue or injuries, but yes you should see which ones have better skills. With the passage of levels and reward packs, you can unlock new players and types of training.

mini football customization

If we want to get equipment items, more coins to improve players or envelopes with gifts, we have available one store to acquire all that content. In the same way, it contains offers for sign other players of different levels and include them in the team.