What is the Unlock Intelligent and how to turn it on

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Android phones have a multitude of options that allow a more comfortable use of the same. Something that is of interest to many users in Spain is to be able to unlock the phone of a quick way in some occasions. A function that is present in some phones, like the Huawei, it is the Unlock Intelligent.

This Unlock function Smart may be of interest for many users, if you have an Android phone that has it. For many it is an unknown function, that is why, then we tell you about what it is and how it works, in addition to the way to activate it in Android.

What is the Unlocking Smart

What is the Unlock Intelligent and how to turn it on 1

Unlocking Smart is a feature that allows the screen of the phone go to unlock automatically when the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device specific. If you have any Bluetooth device paired to your phone, such as a bracelet, a watch, headphones or your own car, when the phone is in contact with the device, the screen will unlock directly.

To use this function on the phone, we must have a Bluetooth device that is the one that will serve as an unlock for the screen. It can be any other device, whenever and when you connect to the phone via Bluetooth, but is especially interested in one that we use regularly or that allow to unlock the phone when we don’t touch the screen.

How to turn it on

What is the Unlock Intelligent and how to turn it on 2

In order to activate the Unlocking Smart for Android-we’ll just have to go to the settings of the phone itself. The location of this role, as well as its name, can vary in function of the phone and version of the operating system, as well as the layer of customization. Before proceeding, it is important to have the phone’s Bluetooth turned on. The steps to activate it in the phone are:

  1. Opens the Settings.
  2. Enters Biometric Data and Password.
  3. Tap on Unlock Smart.
  4. Enter the unlock PIN of the phone.
  5. Connect the Bluetooth device with the phone.
  6. Slide the switch to activate the function.

You are paired as a Bluetooth device, thanks to which your phone will unlock when device connect to the same. If it is a device such as the car, it can be especially comfortable, since the normal thing is that you are not going to be able to touch the screen while you’re in the car.

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