What is the Program of Advanced Protection from Google for Android

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What is the Program of Advanced Protection from Google for Android 1

Google offers various security tools for users on Android. Some of them known, as it can be to Play Protect, but there are other tools or initiatives that may be less known to most. One of them is the Program of Advanced Protection, the company offers users on Android.

By its name we can decide that it is a program that will provide additional protection. Goes beyond what is normally Google offers, so it is intended for those users who demand or need the most protection. Then we tell you all you need to know about the Program, Advanced Protection from Google for Android.

What is the Program of Advanced Protection and for who he is

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It is a program that seeks to ensure the personal data of certain userswho by their profession have a higher risk of heart attacks looking to steal information. Think of journalists, politicians, companies, individuals related to issues of security or privacy, etc, These people are often the object of attacks in the usual way, so for them protecting your data is something of extreme importance.

In general, anyone is going to be able to subscribe to this Program of Advanced Protection Google. In fact, it is something that it can be done for freein the page that Google has created to do this. Thanks to this program, the company provides a series of functions or additional security measures that will protect such data and prevent someone to have access to them.

What functions and services it offers

What is the Program of Advanced Protection from Google for Android 2

The Program of Advanced Protection Google provides a number of functions, which are the ones that make it an option of interest to particular groups of users. The company summarizes in the program page, where you offer all the data needed to determine if it is something you need or not. The main functions offered are:

  • Defense against identity spoofing (phishing): This refers to the use of the keys to Google in order to access the account. Google goes beyond two-step verification traditional, to avoid having someone have access to this account without permission.
  • Protects data by limiting access to them: When you sign up for services or apps, you can request access to the data of the Google account. To avoid problems or risks, only Google apps and some third party apps have access to your e-mails and files in the Drive. The others don’t have such access.
  • Blocks fraudulent access to the account: The Program of Advanced Protection offers additional steps at the time of access to the account, to prevent that others may have access in a fraudulent manner.

Keys Google security

What is the Program of Advanced Protection from Google for Android 3

Although part of the program is something free, to be able to make use of this protection, it is necessary to purchase a pair of security keys for Google (there are several models with varying prices) that are used as a security system, to verify the identity of the user at all times and must be registered in that account.

The reason they have to be two, it is because there is a wireless to connect to pc and mobile and the second is a spare. In addition, it is requested to carry always one of the keys above. In case of loss, or to buy new keys, or will you have to verify that you really are the owner of the account, to prevent anyone from accessing it without permission to the same.

Once you be part of this Program, Advanced Protection from Google, every time you go to log in to your Google account, you are going to need any of these keys to authenticate the identity of the user. It will be something mandatory in any device on which you log on, whether it is an Android phone or a computer. Google makes it so that nobody has access to the data of that account and no one can steal information.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is also part of this Program, Advanced Protection from Google for Android, with a series of differences with respect to its original performance, which make it suitable specifically to this program. There is greater emphasis on the application security, so that going to be tracking constantly installed applications for malware, spyware or any other threat that may be hidden in them.

On the other hand, Google Play Protect works all the time and it is not possible to disconnect it, unlike the rest of the users on Android. In addition, users are not going to be able to download any app in APK, only download apps from the Play Store. It is a measure of something strict, but is a way of ensuring control over the applications that are installed on the phone at any time. Also reduce the risk to not be able to download apps of unknown origin.

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