What is CameraX and why not end the bad quality of the photos in third party apps

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What is CameraX and why not end the bad quality of the photos in third party apps

Android takes time to struggle with the differences that we find between the camera applications native and third-party applications. Each manufacturer adds different functions to your native appof which third-party developers can’t take advantage of.

Although the solution to this problem depends not only of manufacturers, but of factors that we will explain a few lines later, Google wants to minimize the differences in the user experience of the camera stock with respect to the camera application. Camera X is his project to do so, a series of tools that can be misinterpreted easily since they are not the “salvation” that we might think. We will explain what Camera X, what is the difference with the current software and what it will exactly.

What is CameraX

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Google defines CameraX as a support library created for the development of an app from the camera easier. The definition is not very complete, but let’s go by parts. In other words, CameraX allows developers to to incorporate into their applications the camera features that are already provided by the manufacturers. That is to say, applying effects such as HDR, night mode or mode beauty native phone camera to a third-party application.

The summary is simple: CameraX is a library that allows manufacturers to implement the functions of the camera manufacturers in their own applications

Since Google claim that “it is difficult to maintain a behavior of the camera consistent between apps”. To do this, have developed this series of tools that allow developers to access to the same functions that are found in the native app of camera of the device by using a few lines of code.

What it brings in front of Camera2 API

Camera 2 Api

Although CameraX sounds like something new, there are already similar tools, as is the case for Camera2 API. This is another interface designed for developersdeveloped from Android 5 and oriented in this case to make it easier for developers advanced features of the camera, as can be the manual focus, shooting photos in RAW, adjust exposure, white balance, etc

Camera2 API allows you to implement different functions on the camera. CameraX is more focused on the benefit of the third-party apps with functions that are already native

Camera2 API has four levels (Legacy, Limited, Full, and Level 3). The more level, more functions you can perform the application. In summary, Google introduced Camera 2 API to facilitate the development of the functions of the camera and, depending on the device you are using, we can enjoy more or less functions, depending on the level you have.

The point differential CameraX is that it focuses on serving as a bridge between the camera native and third-party camerasmore than in providing for themselves a wide range of functions.

Why not going to solve the problem of quality in third-party apps

Image 2020 04 03 17 32 10 Same photograph uploaded in Instagram (iOS vs Android). The color and detail on Android are inferior.

Once explained what is CameraX, it is possible to make a little analysis of what contributes and what does not. The first problem CameraX is that it is a library, not a built-in function inside Android. What translation? Developers will be able to choose whether to work or not to work with her.

In the idyllic setting that all applications incorporate CameraX (we like to think that Instagram, WhatsApp and others will) it should be noted that this will not be the end of the problem of quality in third-party applications. Google already took a step forward with Visual Corea chip of its own that allows Google Pixel can process the HDR+ on Instagram, WhatsApp and other applications. Does this mitigate this a quality problem? No. Add functions always sum, but is something apart from the quality.

The main problem of the apps in Android is the compression and algorithms that are used to upload the photos, significantly lower than iOS. In a nutshell, CameraX will come to that third-party applications are more comprehensive level of functionality, but the quality will remain the pending subject.

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What is CameraX and why not end the bad quality of the photos in third party apps

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