What is an APN and what is it

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Table of Contents

Image of acronym APN

Today we tend to take for granted almost everything that has to do with technology, more specifically with our mobile phones. We are accustomed to turning on our smartphone and start surfing the Internet, even when change of terminal. Usually we don’t have to do any extra configuration, but do not you ever wondered never what makes it possible for us to have immediate connection with the network? And also, why sometimes with a terminal different from our own, and with the same SIM card, there are times when that does not connect? Effectively there is a direct responsibility, we’re going to speak to you in this article.

What is an APN?

The APN is the access point to the Internet from our mobile. With him, we will indicate to the phone the way that you must follow to connect to the Internet, although it also serves so that we can send and receive multimedia messages, or MMS (although currently this service has fallen in franco disuse).

Through the APN we define several parameters:

  • The name of the access point.
  • The name of the user making the connection request.
  • The key for mobile operators to set access to the Internet.

What is the APN?

As we have already said, its basic function is to connect your phone to the Internet. Have it set up correctly ensures that you can enjoy the flat-rate data plan that you have contracted wherever you are, without relying on WiFi and without additional cost to you.

As a general rule, the terminals have a series of APN predefined at the time of entering in them the SIM card. This means that the setup process is usually performed automatically during the first start up, no need to repeat it every time that we want to connect to the Internet (unless you have reset the device settings, and even in these cases the process should be done alone).

But, what happens if you lose the configuration of your APN? What we see below

How to set up the APN of your operator

In the first place to go to Settings > mobile Networks > Names of access points:

Settings mobile networksSettings mobile networks

On the next screen, select the name of your operator and click on it:

Operator selectionOperator selection

On the next screen you need to enter the information about your APN:

Editing the parameters for the APNEditing the parameters for the APN

Each operator has its own way of configuring the APNs. If you want to know how to set up yours, get in contact with her, you shall provide the data without any problem and can even enviártelos by SMS.