What Internet safe and free? Discover all the advantages of NordVPN

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Table of Contents

The Internet was born with a halo of freedom, fruit of the utopian and happy wishes of its creators that has disappeared with the passage of time by the emergence of large multinational companies of services and the incursion of the governments and state authorities in the development of the network. If you’ve already removed that idea from your head and looking for solutions that truly allow you to enjoy a much freer and more secure that you are interested in.

Networks VPN, closest thing to the Internet of our dreams

The VPN solutions are the best alternative when looking to enjoy the network reliably. Clear that possibly you’re wondering about a VPN what is that’s exactly why.

The acronym VPN respond to Virtual Private Netwok or Virtual Private Network, and refers to a networking technology that allows you to connect computers and other equipment to each other, passing data between them more securely, improving safety and allowing you to access content restricted geographically. Are the 3 great benefits it provides although not the only ones.

It is usual to employ a software access to a network of VPN servers that are in charge of route your traffic through secure connections. Once in operation, our data will travel through through servers located in different parts of the world that will mask our real IP address replaced by a fictitious and random. This means that no one can spy on our traffic website nor communications of any kind, that nobody will be able to identify the other side of the connection, and that we will be able to skip any geographical restriction. That always and when you use a VPN guarantees…

Hunting for the best VPN

There are hundreds of companies that provide VPN services. Some do so exclusively, others, such as part of products to broader security-related or data management. That is why it is of great importance to analyze in detail which VPN we use, our security and privacy depends on it.

Beyond other features that we will see below, there is a fundamental element: if the VPN that you want to use is free or not. You will not discover anything if we say that the free products that you do is to earn money through advertising or your own user data. Therefore, avoid at all costs the VPN free of charge that are offered on the Internet: it does not seem sensible to use one to “protect us” while we give our personal information to a company that intended to market them. We don’t have guarantees about the data of our connection and the servers that host them. No one has an open business to not make money one way or another.

VPN servers in Europe of NordVPN

If you take seriously what using a VPN, there is recourse to the payment solutions, where there are guarantee companies with experience behind them that do provide the service that you are looking for. NordVPN is one of them, just describe those key features in a VPN and to compare them with what offers to verify that it is something more than literature, and that is really at the top of these services.

Records, logs of activity and jurisdiction

For those who seek privacy and anonymity, the words activity log or logs are a bucket of cold water. No one likes to log their steps, no one hires a VPN to be monitored by means of TXT files with our life in verse. Why skip the ISP if the VPN you will see what I can do?

Sometimes the logs may be necessary. But the exact data you recorded those logs, the legal jurisdiction under which the company operates or the method of payment requested are crucial. At NordVPN does not keep records of any kind beyond what is strictly necessary to give you the best service. Nothing of IP addresses of input or output, nothing of dates or duration of the connection, of course, absolutely nothing about sites visited, downloaded files or software used… Here nothing is saved, so there is nothing to share.

NordVPN is governed by the jurisdictions of the united States and the European Union, therefore is applied the legislation of both territories, where there is no legal obligation to collect our personal data. This could seem to be a problem, but nothing is further from reality, because that only is the company in charge of collecting payment. The company in charge of the development of the VPN itself is free of back doors out of these territories. And regarding the payment methods, it is possible to use even criptomonedas. The two authorships carried out by the consulting firm PwC recently ensure that this letter is credible.

Speed of the connection

Okay, we already have our VPN contracted. Activate it… and discovered that the pages do not load, the connection is re-heavy and unstable… Are the consequences of not having taken into account the speed of connection as a deciding factor before you hire your VPN. There are other influencing factors, such as the distance of the servers to which we connect our own bandwidth, but if the service does not provide a connection speed suitable in all the cases, all have been in vain.

Connection to a fast server in JapanConnection to a fast server in Japan

Not all VPNS are equally fast and reliable, not more servers is synonymous with more speed. NordVPN offers over 5400 servers in 59 countries (these figures change frequently) and, most important of all, making use of a new technology called NordLynx. Created from the protocol WireGuard, provides connection speeds are still faster than before, when NordVPN was already considered one of the VPN services fastest in the market.

Restricted content

Before we have quoted the access to content restricted geographically as a key factor when choosing a VPN. What we were referring to exactly? There are various assumptions that are used to measure the effectiveness of a VPN in this regard.

Today platforms of streaming video like Netflix or HBO are the most commonly used in the entertainment of the users. This type of platforms have a catalogue of movies and series specific for each country on the basis of the agreements signed with the producers and distributors of local content. This means that if you are in Spain you’re not going to be able to see the content available in the united States… unless you use a VPN that allows. And eye, because many are pointing the both but at the time of the truth fail. With NordVPN that does not happen.

Similarly, the censorship of the pages is the order of the day on the Internet. A VPN will also allow you to access websites that are blocked by governments or carriers.

Apps NordVPN on Android and iPhoneApps NordVPN on Android and iPhone

Another important field of action are the P2P downloads, banned in many countries for the fight against piracy. What is certain is that P2P networks are used not only to pirate content, while recognizing that the vast majority of users use it for that purpose. However there are many other situations in the are of great utility to share files. A VPN not only allows you to use them, but also to protect our real identity in order to avoid that anyone can associate the activity with our person.

Perhaps these are the most relevant aspects to the choice, but there are many more. The availability on different operating systems (NordVPN it’s available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac among others), the number of devices that can be connected from a single account (6 in this case), customer support (24/7), or the various subscription plans available (a monthly plan of 10,64€, another annual plan 6.22 euros per month or even a biannual plan that lowers even more the monthly fee up to 4,44 euros, not counting with the various offers and promotions that they launch from time to time)… It all adds up when it comes to blasting through the network with the maximum guarantees, so take your time to analyze all of your options.