We still don’t know what Fuchsia OS is, but Google has made a very important change

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Android has managed to become the leading mobile system in Spain, and although its evolution continues to be constant, within Google it is by no means the only operating system under development, and since a few years we have been getting to know small touches about Fuchsia OS , a system that to this day is still full of mystery.

Although the source code for this system has always been publicly accessible, Google has decided to make a major change to the project, allowing anyone to make contributions. However,How important is all this?

Fuchsia OS now allows anyone to contribute to the project: what does it mean

One of the key aspects of Android’s success is its open nature. Our preferred mobile operating system has the advantage of being open source, allowing anyone to pick up the code, learn about it, or adapt it to their needs.

Although this interest may seem interesting only in the eyes of a programmer, it really is an aspect that we should care about. Accessible source code is a sign ofsecurity, since anyone can verify that there is no hidden trap, but there is also a second fundamental value, part of the success of Android.

We still don't know what Fuchsia OS is, but Google has made a very important change 1

That any user can contribute to the project it is a crucial part of your expansion. Although it does not seem very important that a programmer from home can contribute to a project (although there are those who do and they are exceptionally good) the possibility of contributing to a large-scale open source project opens the prohibition for other large companies to have weight in the decisions of the project and be able to create contributions that are made standard and end up using in those projects.

As of today, Fuchsia OS, the rumored successor to Android, already allows contributions from anyone. The direction of the project is still in the hands of Google, who decides which contribution is accepted, but it is a great step that lets us see that the launch of Fucshia could be much closer than expected.

You can learn more about the project at fucsia.dev.

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