We already know how will be the new Xiaomi Mi Band

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Xiaomi is one of the most well-known brands in the field of wearables, thanks to its range of bracelets to My Bandwith the latest model launched last year, being a new success for the brand. The brand is working on a new bracelet, which is expected to go to arrive shortly on the market, although it would not be the model expected by many.

The new bracelet of the brand would be launched with the name Xiaomi Mi Band 4C in Europeso that would not be expected My Band 5. It is expected to be the international name of the Redmi Band, the new bracelet cheap of the brand, of which I speak this same month of April.

The new bracelet cheap Xiaomi

We already know how will be the new Xiaomi Mi Band 1

This new Xiaomi Mi Band 4C has been certified already, confirming that this will be the name of the bracelet. The model number registered in the web is HMSH01GE, which is the same model number of the Redmi Band, bracelet, cheapest of the brand until the time. That’s why, it makes one think that the brand change the name of the bracelet face at its international launch.

It is assumed that the specifications are the same, so we hope a USB-A port for charging. The bracelet will also have a sensor to measure sleep, in addition to various modes of sportto record the activity of the user. The screen would be a panel OLED touchscreen, with a resolution of 128×220 píceles. While the battery would have a capacity of 140 mAh, which according to the brand will give up to 14 days of autonomy.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C would be water-resistant up to 5 ATM. In addition, the bracelet will be compatible with both Android phones and with iOS, so that users can use it without problem. At its launch in China, this bracelet came with a price of 95 yuan, about 13 euros to the change, being the cheapest of the brand until the time in this field. For its european launch insurance that we can expect a higher price, maybe around 20 euros. Come in addition in several colors, as seen in the photos.

We already know how will be the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2

It makes one think that the Redmi Band will be the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C in this launch in Europe. For now there are no dates for the launch of the bracelet, nor is it known in what countries is going to be put on sale. We hope that there will soon be more data on its release, since this bracelet with this low price can be a success for the brand.

The input we Already know how will be the new Xiaomi Mi Band first appears on The Android Free.