War action based on the Second World War

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Table of Contents

It is a development based on the Second World War, as almost always, we have as enemies the nazis of Hitler. Instead, our character will embody a successful soldier of the american army, with the intention of ending the German side, and, in short, with the war.

Brothers in Arms® 3

A campaign mode to the level of very few

Far from its namesake Modern Combat in that, apart from being all the gameplay in the third person, we find other differences such as the cooperative system with other soldiers, despite being in a completely individual. During the missions, we can use the arsenal of our ‘brothers’ to meet the objectives, as well as to improve them before each mission to carry new weapons and equipment.

brothers in arms 3 campaign mode

Each of these companions in the platoon are equipped with different features, that we should take advantage of depending on each mission. The duration of all of them is enoughthe case of that the gameplay is in mobile and that their autonomy is not infinite. Graphically, Brothers in Arms is seen with a quality quite pleasant, although not at the same level as Modern Combat 5, since this is a title that has several years old. And the truth is that you notice it.

brothers in arms 3 chapters

However, with this arcade gameplay that owns the game, offers a game very fun and easy operation with its simple, intuitive interface. Do not exceed in the options and loading screen controls, so it only shows what is right and necessary. Yes, let’s not wait for, or actual events on what was the greatest war of history, nor a plot, deep, that is something that Gameloft has avoided to this third installment, being a free-to-play more simple and traditional.

Multiplayer in Brothers in Arms 3

As is usual at this point of the film, we find a mode online to play against rivals real from all over the world. The menu is separate to the rest of the game, with two game types. For a long time, we enjoy a game mode called ‘Domain’,, while the other is found in any game of war.

In the first, you can only combat with tanks, a modality that gives freshness to the title. Unfortunately, these tanks we must purchase them to be able to enjoy them, although we can always enter in the starting distance and try to catch one of them, if not we have killed before. On the other hand, we have the classic ‘Dueling computers’ and ‘all against All’ in the normal edition of online games.

brothers in arms 3 gameplay

All is not gold that glitters in Brothers in Arms 3

There must always be a but in all the games, and this should not be less. The negative points that can be found in the individual mode are merely superficial or dependent according to the taste of each player. The worst comes in the section multiplayer.

Among all of them, we found two faults glaring. The first, is that we can find many hackers in the gamesthose same that are invisible to the rest or pass through walls. It is something that may happen eventually in this type of games, but that eventuality becomes frequent to the case of Brothers in Arms, emprobreciendo the experience of the games.

brothers in arms 3 online

The second error is that it is not possible to play with 3G or 4G. It is true that we can navigate by the title, and to intervene in the campaign mode with mobile data, but it is not possible to participate in multiplayer with another connection that is not via Wifi. There are that recognize the predominance of play in online games with this type of wireless connection, but for users who do not withhold in mobile data, they’re going to be impossible to enjoy this game in a place that does not have a router with internet access.