Vodafone already has a smart speaker with Alexa: Átika

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Table of Contents

Vodafone Atika speaker

Vodafone is betting heavily on Alexa as your preferred assistant. The operator recently announced in Spain the possibility of making calls from an Amazon Echo speaker powered by the assistant and now they leave us with their own smart speaker. This operator speaker is launched under the name Átika, and today it has been made official.

The Átika smart speaker is designed specifically to control Vodafone TV with voice commands. Although it provides us with the capabilities of Alexa at all times, as well as quality sound. Everything related to TV control can be done with this speaker.

This is Átika, the Vodafone speaker with Alexa

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At the design level, Vodafone has opted for a rectangular design, although it has certain elements in common with some Amazon Echos. Sound is one of the highlights en Átika, which has been created through a collaboration with Devialet, a premium audio brand. This 360 speaker features three high / mid drivers and two subwoofers for powerful bass. In addition, it has Adaptive Volume Level technology, which adjusts the volume to each content.

The main purpose of this speaker with Alexa is to control Vodafone TV. Using the command «Hello Atika» we can ask it to put on a certain channel, or a series or movie, as well as control the playback. From moving forward or backward to adjusting the volume or activating the recording function, something that can also be done on platforms such as HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Atika Vodafone features

On the other hand, we have the Alexa command, which activates the Amazon assistant. This command will not only show the answers by voice, but it will also be supported by images through the television. The commands that we can use with Alexa are many: from alarms and reminders, to control smart home devices, weather information or news … In addition, it can also be used to find out information about the protagonists of Vodafone TV movies and series, since that information is going to be displayed on the TV.

Price and availability

The price of Átika for Vodafone customers is 216 euros, which can also be paid in installments of 6 euros per month for 36 months. As an advance offer before Black Friday, it will be possible to obtain it at a price of 144 euros or through a payment in installments of 4 euros for 36 months. This promotion will be available between November 16 and 30, 2020.

If you want to buy separately, Atika with Alexa It can be purchased free for 399 euros. This is a speaker aimed at users with Vodafone TV, although those who wish to be able to take advantage of the assistant or its speaker functions can be done with it without problems.

The Vodafone input already has a smart speaker with Alexa: Atika appears first in The Free Android.