Vivo’s new Android-based operating system is coming soon

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Chinese manufacturer Alive It is at one of the most crucial moments in its history, having begun its foray into Spain but especially in Europe, which is possibly the most lucrative market in the world by the number of inhabitants and the average per capita income.

We have already analyzed two of the four terminals that have been launched in our market, and one of the things that we liked the most is the approach they have made with the software.

Although it maintains the name of its version of Android, called Funtouch OSIn Europe, this is a light version, very similar to Android Stock, while in China it is a heavily modified version, such as the layers of Xiaomi, OPPO or Huawei.

However, this could change in the event that the company has scheduled for the November 18th, at which time we will know your new operating system.

Funtouch OS will become a new operating system: Origin OS

Vivo's new Android-based operating system is coming soon

On the 19th of this month the company’s developer conference begins, but it seems that they do not want to take the spotlight from this launch, which is why they have decided to create an event just before.

For now there are no data or images of what this new operating system will be like, but we know that it will continue to be based on Android.

Also, it is rumored that Vivo intends merge both versions of Funtouch OS. In other words, the user would have the option of choosing whether to use the heavily aesthetically modified interface or a version very similar to Android Stock.

This is something similar to what Asus does, and it seems like a very successful move to combine the differentiation of the interface with the simplicity of pure Android.

In just over a week we will know what Vivo is proposing and if it will be seen in China or also in the new markets it has recently arrived at.

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