Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile

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Table of Contents

Vivo has landed in Spain with four mobiles. The most impressive is the Vivo X51 5G, a model that we analyzed a few weeks ago and that left us delighted in the photographic section.

But, in addition to that model, three mid-range and entry-level devices have been launched. Today we tried the I live Y70, one of the strangest mobiles we have tested so far this year.

In some respects it is a mid-range terminal, as indicated by its price of 279 euros. In others it is an entry range. In others it is almost a high-end.

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Features Vivo Y70

  • Processor – Snapdragon 665.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Storage.
    • Internal: 128 GB.
  • screen.
    • Size: 6.43 inches.
    • Resolution: Full HD +.
    • AMOLED technology.
  • Rear camera.
    • Main sensor: 48 Mpx f / 1.8.
    • Macro: 2 Mpx f / 2.4.
    • Bokeh: 2 Mpx f / 2.4.
    • Others: LED Flash.
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: 16 Mpx f / 2.0
  • Connectivity:4G, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, WiFi 5, GLONASS….
  • Ports:
    • USB Type C connector.
    • Fingerprint sensor under the screen.
  • Battery:
    • 4,100 mAh.
    • 33W fast charge.
  • Dimensions: 161.00 × 74.08 × 7.83 mm.
  • Weight: 171 grams.
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 10
    • Custom Layer: Funtouch OS 11.

The Vivo Y70 is elegant and delicate

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 1

The design is one of the aspects in which this model stands out. On the front we have a somewhat classic design, with a notch instead of a perforation on the screen. The frames are not very large but we cannot classify them as minimal either. Finally, the screen is flat, with no hint of the curves of some high-end models.

But it is behind where we see some details that are more similar to the flagship than average. For starters, the camera module is straightforward and doesn’t pretend to attract attention with impossible shapes.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 2

The color is also more typical of the more expensive models, with a tone that changes between light blue and white with a matte finish that imitates ice. This reminds us of the Vivo X51, but also the Huawei P40. The metal perimeter frame is comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

It is a very comfortable mobile to use even on long days since the size makes it comfortable to use it for a long time, even with one hand, and the weight is really contained.

Lots of memory, but a fair processor

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 3

If the design is one of the sections in which this mobile looks more like a high-end than a mid-range, in performance we are at the opposite point.

The processor, a Snapdragon 665, It uses a technology (11 nm) prior to that of other models such as the Snapdragon 720 or 730 (8 nm), which are used by rivals such as the Moto G9 Plus or the Poco X3.

This translates into a gaming experience that is not the one most fans are looking for to spend hours, not on the console or on the PC playing, but on the mobile. The reality is that although we can play Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact Third, the execution speed, the fps of the games and the speed of the menus can be greatly improved.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 4

In more casual games this is not a problem and in social or productivity applications we have not had problems. We have opened Instagram, Facebook and other popular apps without glitches or slowdowns and the browsing speed between them is not slow.

One of the reasons this is so is memory. This terminal has 8 GB of RAm and 128 GB of internal memory, again more similar figures to those we have in the high range than in the mid range.

In addition, the headphone jack, the NFC for mobile payments and a memory expansion slot for microSD cards remain. This slot will not limit the use of two SIMs as the tray has three spaces.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 5

Another negative section is the audio. We did not expect two speakers in this mobile but the only one it has, although it does not fail in volume or distort, has a poor quality with a metallic touch in the sound that makes us highly value the sound chip that the Vivo X51 has.

This screen is not typical of a mid-range

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 6

Now we are going to move on to another of those aspects in which this mobile is well above the competition.

We have a screen of 6.43 inches with FHD resolution with OLED technology, something that is not normally seen below 300 euros. Of course, the refresh rate is 60 Hz, not 90 and 120 like other rivals, but we believe that this solution is the best of all possible.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 7

This allows you to put the fingerprint sensor under the screen, not in the frame or in the back, which, as we say, resembles this mobile more to terminals of 400 and 500 euros than those of 200 and 300 against which it faces.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 8

The display settings are what we would expect from a model with an OLED panel. We have the dark mode to save some battery and we can program it, as is normal on Android 10 phones.

The Ambient Screen is also present, slightly customizable but far from what Xiaomi or Huawei already offer.

The quality of the panel is good although it is not one of the best OLED screens on the market, but the fact that this screen is used here is already a plus.

A triple camera with a great absence

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 9

As we have analyzed launches from different manufacturers, we have become accustomed to the fact that the lower the price of a mobile, the less likely it is to have a sensor with optical zoom.

Personally, it is a sensor that I use a lot and that I especially enjoy walking around the city, but you end up getting used to its absence.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 10

What I did not expect was to find myself a mobile of almost 300 euros without a wide angle. When I saw the spec sheet I had to go check it because it seemed strange to me. But yes, it is so. The Vivo Y70 has a 48 Mpx main sensor and two more sensors, 2 Mpx, a macro and a depth meter.

Let’s be honest, these last two could have been removed to either put a wide angle or make the terminal cheaper.

As for quality, we must admit that it is not the best we have seen in the range of 200-300 euros. The colors are not badly achieved but the level of detail is not particularly high and the image is sometimes blurred, even during the day.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 11

Photo without HDR and with HDR

Special mention must be made of HDR, which is automatically activated. It is good that it helps to rescue areas of the image, but the processing is clearly improvable since all the photos taken with it when necessary leave us a result that is too unreal, as you can see.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 12

At night the quality … has gone up. It was strange to see how the shots in normal mode were at the level of those we took during the day, but with the night mode activated we have seen how the result is improved, being even more faithful to reality.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 13

Photo with normal mode and night mode

It is true that Vivo boasts a good night mode, but the good work on a mid-range mobile continues to draw our attention. Of course, the photos are far from perfect and those of the macro mode are almost unusable.

In front of We have a 6 Mpx sensor that offers us a good image quality but with a somewhat excessive HDR, the same happens with the rear sensor. Also, images are sometimes too bluish in tone.

At night the screen helps illuminate the subject but the quality is lower. This is seen especially in videos, which, since they are not stabilized or electronically, lower the quality too much.

Complying with autonomy and fast charging

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 14

The Vivo Y70 has a 4100 mAh battery with a 33 W fast charge. Both figures are within what we might expect from a more expensive mobile, but Vivo has put this aspect among the characteristics in which this model stands out.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 15

In the first test of battery we have been doing a mixed use. We have played HearthStone, Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact Third a lot but we have also taken photos and listened to music. We have reached 6 hours of screen with 20 hours of autonomy.

In the second test We played a little less on drums and also listened to music. Yes, all use has been indoors. We have reached 5 hours of screen with 24 hours of autonomy.

In the third test On battery we have used the mobile almost always indoors, recording some videos, taking some photos and playing games. We have reached almost 6 hours of screen with 27 hours of autonomy.

Funtouch OS continues to dazzle us

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 16

When we analyzed the Vivo X51 5G, we rightly praised the bet that the manufacturer had made for Android Stock. In this Vivo Y70 we see something similar, although if we look in depth we see many new functions in the settings.

It is not something that bothers, since it does not worsen the experience or make the mobile go slow. Of course, it remains to be seen that the firm is up to date in updates, given that it has been in Spain for a very short time.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 17

The Vivo interface offers no distinctions on desktops, app drawer, notification curtain, or Discover. Everything is as in other brands.

But when we go into the settings we start to see the differences. Not aesthetic, Vivo maintains the pure essence of Android, but functional. Among the striking features of FunTouch OS is a section called Dynamic Effects.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 18

In it we can modify the animations of many areas of the system. It’s a way to increase customization without changing the entire interface.

We also have many options to create gestures and shortcuts in the system, from the classic Android gesture control to more advanced aspects that let us change the size of the screen to use the mobile with one hand or perform gestures on the screen off to be able to execute certain actions.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 19

As you can see, that Vivo has decided not to change the aesthetics of Android does not imply that it does not offer differences with other manufacturers. It is an approach similar to that made by Asus or Motorola and it seems like a success.

The Vivo Y70 is a strange mobile no matter where you look at it

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 20

When I started to analyze the Vivo Y70 I had mixed feelings. That has been maintained throughout the week that I have been using this mobile as the main device.

It is the first mid-range, by price, which is not in almost any of its sections.

In terms of design, screen or interface we are facing a higher category terminal. Surprise the back, with the matte finish; the on-screen fingerprint sensor and OLED technology, and a very clean interface. Night photography or RAM and storage are also striking.

Vivo Y70 review: a really strange Android mobile 21

However, the lack of a wide angle, the metallic sound or the processor makes us think that we are facing a mobile closer to the input range.

The price of 279 euros is not bad as long as the positives outweigh the negatives. If we do not take photos more than casually and we do not play on the mobile, it is very possible that it compensates us, especially if we value the design, the autonomy and the screen.

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