Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones

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Vivo has officially landed in Spain on October 20, the day chosen for the landing of more European countries and the Chinese firm wants to have a lot of relevance in the old continent.

For this launch, the firm has presented a flagship, the Vivo X51 5G, and also announced other mid-range and entry models.

But this manufacturer does not live on mobiles alone. Along with these smartphones has presented the I live TWS Neo, quite striking in design wireless headphones.

Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 1

Features Vivo TWS Neo

  • Weight:
    • Earphone: 4.7 grams.
    • Case: 45.7 grams.
  • Dimensions:
    • Headphone: 33.95 × 18.6 × 16.5mm
    • Case: 58.1 × 51.6 × 24mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2.
  • Drums:
    • Headphone: Up to 4.5 hours of music.
    • Case: up to 22.5 hours of music.
    • USB-C cable charging.
      • Total charge: 100 minutes.
      • 15 minute charge: gives 2.5 hours of use.
  • Speakers: 14.2 mm.
  • Others:
    • Touch control.
    • Dual microphones with noise reduction.
    • IP54 resistance.
    • Low latency mode (88 ms) for gaming.
    • AptX Adaptive and AAC codecs


Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 2

The most differentiating thing about this product is its design, with a bright dark blue color that merges with a silver tone in the box. In a world of white headphones we have to admit that they attract a lot of attention.

The headphones are comfortable and although they do not have rubber elements to adapt to the ear, it has not given us the feeling that they were going to fall.

The charging case is elegant, but the quality of the plastics does not match the price that Vivo has put on these headphones. This is especially noticeable on the lid, which is very thin and conveys a feeling of fragility.

The positive part is that both the set and the headphones alone are very light. This has made that sometimes when we put it on, they have shot out of the hand, they are almost imperceptible and the manufacturing material does not help the grip.


Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 3

The sound produced by these headphones is clean and balanced. Support for aptX Adaptive and AAC codecs helps. Latency has also been controlled and it is possible to watch videos or play video games with them without problems.

The point is that they do not isolate much by design and we do not have an ambient noise cancellation system so although they are suitable to use many hours in a row, in noisy environments they will fall somewhat short.

We do have that cancellation in calls, with algorithms that eliminate background noise and the entrance of the wind in the headphones.


Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 4

The use of headphones is basic if we simply pair them to the mobile. We can pause and resume playback with a double tap on any headset, and raise and lower the volume through a gesture from bottom to top or vice versa.

But as happened in the OnePlus Buds, these headphones have an app in the Google Play Store that allows you to modify the actions of the gestures.

Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 5

We can make the music stop when we take off the headphones and put it back on again.

We can assign two actions, one to each double press of the headphones, from pausing to launching the voice assistant, going forward or backward in the song.

Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones

More options are missing, such as a single tap, or a triple tap. It would even be useful to be able to use the up and down gesture on one of the headphones to move through the song we are listening to.

Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 6


The Vivo TWS Neo are too expensive

Vivo TWS Neo review: great design wireless headphones 7

The only downside to the Vivo TWS Neo is the price. The cost of 129 euros It seems too high considering that similar models from realme, OnePlus and other brands cost almost half.

Vivo has started to fight almost with the proposals of Google and Samsung, which have higher prices but also provide greater distinction from Chinese brands.

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