vivo lands in Spain with their smartphones and they go for everything

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vivo lands in Spain with their smartphones and they go for everything 1

Despite the fact that the smartphone market has matured a lot in recent years, there is still room for improvement and the ability to surprise by the different manufacturers. The giant alive now lands in Spain willing to give a lot of war with all its ranges and accessories.

After becoming an industry leader in China, vivo now continues its international expansion and we have it in Europe right now. Specifically, we can already find your devices in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Poland.

Although we did not have it here until now, from El Androide Libre we have told you on numerous occasions about the very interesting launches of this brand, and now we can also buy them in Spain, with full guarantee and support.

Expanding borders: this is how I live

The truth is that the history of living with the world of mobile telephony has a long history. The company was born in 1995, and more recently, in 2011, is when it appears alive as a brand.

Only 9 years have passed since then and their success is evident: in this time they have reached a 9% world share of all smartphones, being the second largest smartphone maker in China, also second in India and leading in Indonesia.

vivo lands in Spain with their smartphones and they go for everything 2

Innovation in your smartphones

One of the pillars that characterizes the philosophy of vivo is its commitment to innovation and development of new technologies and solutions for your mobiles.

They have more than 14,000 employees throughout the world and 9 R&D centers in which more than 10,500 employees work on the development of technologies to improve the performance of their devices, and integrate new devices in the most useful way possible for the user. solutions that affect, for example, the use of cameras and photography with the smartphone.

In addition, vivo already has in its catalog of mobiles 100% compatible with 5G, the new generation of connection to the network that, after years simmering, we already have here and without a doubt it is a technology that will mark the entire industry today onwards.

Among their innovations, they pioneered the introduction of a dedicated sound chip in their vivo X1, the vivo X5Max completely set itself apart as the world’s thinnest smartphone (it still holds that record) and the vivo X20Plus UD was the first to incorporate the reader. fingerprints under the screen, a technology that has finally continued to be implemented by other manufacturers.

I live X51 official

Now, vivo arrives in Europe with the premiere of the vivo X51 5G, a smartphone compatible with the new networks and which also stands out especially for its photographic capabilities. In it they have put a gimbal in the rear camera module, that is, a whole image stabilization system that works to avoid shaky or blurry photos, especially when we do not find it in poor lighting situations.

Along with the vivo X51 5G will also arrive the smartphones of its Y series, as well as other accessories for day to day, such as wireless headphones.

The live entry disembarks in Spain with their smartphones and they go for all it appears first in El Androide Libre.