Virgin Telco bets hard and gives Netflix and 10 GB for half a year

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Virgin Telco is one of the last mobile operators to arrive in Spain, and one of the ones that is betting the strongest in our country. The famous company came to our country from the hand of Euskaltel with very cheap prices and without permanence, and little by little it continues to improve by adding options to not only attract users, but also to ensure that they remain in the operator.

Retaining users in a world without tenure requires an operator to be more competitive and creative. The price and quality of the service are non-negotiable, but if you also add options and facilities, the result is even better. And this is the path Virgin seems to be taking.

Netflix and 10 GB a month free for half a year, Virgin’s plan to attract (and retain)

The British company has decided to offer a new option for the customers of its operator, both new and current, with which they aspire to hire everything with them. Despite the fact that one of the key aspects of this operator is the possibility of personalizing to the maximum if we want internet, television, mobile or even landline, in addition to a new option.

Virgin Telco bets hard and gives Netflix and 10 GB for half a year 1

This option is called Netflix Fanand it is an extra 8 euros per month. In return, they offer us a basic Netflix subscription (which costs 8 euros) in addition to giving us an extra 10 GB as a gift for the mobile line we want. We can also pay 12 euros per month for the 12 euros Netflix rate with HD quality and 2 screens at the same time, also with 10 GB of gift, but you do not have the option to subscribe to the 4K version of Netflix.

Virgin Telco bets hard and gives Netflix and 10 GB for half a year 2Curiously, despite hiring it together with fiber, it does not offer us the option of hiring the 4K variant of Netflix.

Basically, they are giving you 10 GB for contracting Netflix with them in the fiber rate. Naturally, nobody gives you anything for free, and although they do not force you to have a mobile line to contract Netflix Fan, the added value in this package is the 10 GB that they give you (because if not, you are paying Netflix at the price of Netflix without the option to have Netflix at 4K), which encourages that, since you contract with them, you hire fiber, mobile and Netflix. Additionally, users who switch to Virgin will have half a year of the basic version for free (or the 12-euro version by paying 4 extra euros).

Does this measure serve to retain? The truth is that although nobody forces you to stay, offering any comfort ends up being an added value. Of course, as long as the quality of the service ends up complying, which in the end is usually one of the main causes for changing operator.

Virgin Telco rates.

The Virgin Telco entry bets hard and gives Netflix and 10 GB for half a year appears first in El Androide Libre.