Update in the Motorola camera app in version 3.0

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Table of Contents

It is a development that improves and squeezes the performance of the camera in devices that are under the control of Motorola. The now Lenovo subsidiary has been around for quite some time. work your own software to complement what it offers in hardware. However, this new version aims to make the leap with big changes.

Moto Camera 3

Moto Camera 3.0, more intuitive and intelligent

If two aspects of this new camera app had to be highlighted, they would be the intuition and artificial intelligence of your software. Motorola has been concerned that its application is much more intelligent in the interpretation of photography. In this way, the camera’s sensors will have an extra help in choosing the best photo depending on the conditions.

update app camera interface

This greater intuition also includes the new interface that allows better handling of the options. Also, tools such as flash or timer They have been placed at the bottom along with the camera shutter, as well as the ability to zoom. What Motorola wants is that operate the camera with one hand, giving priority to the most common accesses of a camera. It also helps you to leave the less used ones at the top, such as the settings or the option to take photos with the palm of your hand.

In another vein, we must talk about what the app can do for us when taking a photo. Artificial intelligence allows the user to choose the optimal configuration. In addition, functions such as optimal image stabilizer or TOF sensor They have been repositioned in that upper part that we mentioned to store all these configuration options in one place. Likewise, the interface will allow us to see more clearly when the application suggests a shooting mode or photo retouch determined.

The update in the camera app is a thing of the Motorola Rzr 5G

If we must be clear about something, it is that Motorola has focused on the redesign of an app that is based on not only providing better photographic results, but also a better user experience. On the other hand, many of the new functions part of the redesign have been realized because of the feedback of the users. This gives much more value to the update, since the opinions of those who consume this app have been heard, such as the shooting modes that have been relocated to the bottom of the interface. However, it must be said that this camera part can be customized with the options most used by the user.

update app camera photography

Finally, and despite what is described in the title of this section, it will not be an update solely and exclusively of the Motorola Razr 5G. Therefore, not only will users who have this foldable terminal hit the market in October enjoy the functions, but they will also be in future models of the franchise. However, it remains to say that old terminals of the brand will not be able to say the same, being a pity that they cannot enjoy all this trail of new functions.