Unlimited calls and 5 GB for 7.9 euros: this is the new Pepephone rate

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Pepephone is one of the most popular operators in Spain. It stands out for its rates with adjusted prices, which also improve over time, as we have seen in classics like the SinFín. The operator is now launching a new tariff for smartphones, which is surely interesting for many, due to its adjusted price.

It is the cheapest rate for Pepephone, as announced by the operator on its own website. They leave us with a 5G cumulative mobile data rate and unlimited phone calls in it, two aspects that users value. This rate comes to replace the 6.90 euros per month, which ceases to exist, but that users will be able to continue having contracted, as before.

New Pepephone rate

Pepephone new rate

This new Pepephone rate gives us a 5 GB mobile data bonus, which are cumulative. As usual in the operator, the data that we have not used is accumulated for the following month, it is not an infinite accumulation, so you will have it available for the following month. Each month, the data that you have not consumed will be made available in the next.

If you exhaust said mobile data, you will be able to continue browsing, although the connection speed will be slower. In addition, you can use up to 4.35 GB of this data for roaming if you travel within the European Union. Along with the data we have unlimited calls within Spain, both to landlines and mobiles. SMS are not included in it, which have a price of 10.89 cents for each message sent.

This Pepephone fee It is launched with a price of only 7.90 euros per month, VAT included. We do not have permanence associated with it, so if you hire it and at some point you want to change the rate, you can do so without this entailing an additional cost by having to pay a fine.

If you want to contract this new operator rate, you can enter their website or call the operator’s customer service number 1706 directly, where everything necessary for your contracting will be processed.

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