Two screens, a smartphone: the best ally against boredom

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We are living through an exceptional situation in our lives, are weeks, strange that we have had to adapt to a new rhythm of life, with departures limited, and dedicating the majority of our time to be home, but that’s not why we are “immobile”.

In this type of situation is where the technology shows that it can help us to improve our routines, allowing us to create new habits, explore areas that we had not considered and, above all, allowing us to take advantage of much better our time. On many occasions we have spoken of the possibilities offered by smartphones two screensas the LG G8X, but right now are more useful than ever, either to squeeze our productivity or letting us enjoy more of the moments of leisure, but also as do not would expect in everyday tasks of day-to-day.

The freedom of the two screens

For years the screen size of smartphones has grown steadily, at the same time that the different manufacturers have been working on the design and reducing the frameworks to make better use of the space. But of course, there is a limit, and unfortunately we can not put a cell phone 8 or 9 inches in the pocket… but yes we can do it with a smartphone with dual screen, maximizing the possibilities of consuming contentbe more productive and use several applications at the same time.

Two screens, a smartphone: the best ally against boredom 1

In the LG G8Xfor example, we are faced with two OLED display of 6.4 inches each. One beside the other, being able to decide at every moment what we want to show in each one of them: literally whatever you want.

In these days we are doing and receiving a multitude of video calls with our friends and family to catch up and tell us how it goes. With the double screen, as we don’t have to give up doing other things while we are in the full video, for example, we can take advantage of the second screen to continue browsing the web or even using at the time other messaging applications alternative.

In the same way, the double screen we can be more useful in the kitchen. During confinement, there are many who have been inspired to try new recipes and what is typical is always to look for information on the steps in the mobile while you do it. With the double screen of the LG G8X, we will have the full recipe on one screen, and a video with step-by-step on the other screen, because sometimes some images are worth more than any article.

Two screens, a smartphone: the best ally against boredom 2

Another scenario without exiting the kitchen or the pantry, is to take advantage of the versatility of the double screen to aim the things that we need to buy, at the same time that we compare products in different shops and supermarkets, or we share with our partner by WhatsApp an image of a particular item.

And if we get into the field of entertainment, with two screens you could be reading a news story in your favorite media, without removing the eye from the social networks and share it at the same time. Or see that episode of the fashion series, while comets at the same time with your group of friends. And in the case of gamers, the double screen allows you to squeeze to the maximum the video games, as the LG G8X allows us to have a vision immersive games using the second screen as a controller Game Pad with all the controls, without obscuring the main screen.

Two screens, a smartphone: the best ally against boredom 3

Lastly, let’s not forget that this whole situation is allowing us to adopt new habits that maybe in other conditions would not have adopted. There are many who are encouraging to incorporate new exercise routines into the day-to-day.

Our smartphone is a great ally, since there are many applications to make exercise at home and without the need of having extra material, just with our own body or with everyday objects such as a chair or a few bottles of water. A smartphone with a dual-screen gives us the freedom to follow those routines at the same time that we see a video with the technique of the exercises, or we indicate our progress in the newspaper, or maybe we are sharing the live session with several friends over a video call.

These are just some of the many options that we can apply at the time of study and work from home, make sport or keep in touch with our. This and much more is what offers us the double screen on a mobile phone such as the LG G8X.

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