TuLotero, app to buy Christmas Lottery, EuroMillions and other draws

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And it is that they already have a campaign aimed at all those who seek luck in the Christmas Lottery in which for each new user who registers using the code “android” will receive a participation of a free euro to the number they play from TuLotero in the December 23 draw.

To activate it, you just have to check the tab “I have a promo codel ”when creating the account with the registration data and entering it when requested. If you forget it, nothing happens, you have up to 2 days to activate it after registering. To do this, you just have to go to the app menu located in the upper left corner. Click on the icon of the three horizontal bars and look for the option “Activate promotions”. Put there the code that we have indicated before and you will take the participation. But if you still have doubts, we leave you a video in which the whole process is explained in detail:

TuLotero distributed the Gordo last year

Yes, from your platform, in the past Christmas draw of the National Lottery, TuLotero, albeit virtually, uncorked the champagne with its users by distributing not only the Gordo, but also the second, third, fourth and two fifth prizes. Outside of this raffle, there was also a Spanish Euromillion user who, through this app, took 130 million euros.

Buy lottery and share your luck safely

TuLotero not only offers the possibility to choose between more than 60,000 different numbers in 386 administrations throughout the country, but rather has different characteristics and services that, not in vain, make it one of the most downloaded applications on Google Play at Christmas, already used by large companies such as Amazon, Prosegur, Santander or Indra to distribute the tenths of the number they play in their offices.

What are the reasons? It is a free app, with a quick registration, without commissions and that informs us through notifications of the prizes that we are winning if our numbers turn out to be lucky. And if we have a number that we always play, it is possible to do it automatically with the subscription to the draws offered from TuLotero.

TuLotero on android phones

In addition, it is insurance for never lose the ticket or tenth that we have bought at the same time that allows us share it safely with friends and relatives. For this we only have to create a group (of up to 100 people) and each one will charge the balance that corresponds to them. If we are lucky and we have to, the prize will be divided and will reach each bank account of each of the users. Without any commission and with the assurance that they are processed by official administrations associated with the State Lottery and Betting network.

Where do I download the TuLotero application for Android?

IPhone users have TuLotero from AppStore, but in Android things is different, although equally simple and totally safe, despite the fact that we cannot find the app in Google Play, since from Mountain View lottery purchase applications are not allowed.

tulotero appgalery huawei

On the one hand, TuLotero is available in the Huawei app store, the App Gallery. The only requirement is to have an account with the well-known mobile brand to be able to download from its store on any Android mobile, since on the other hand it works like any other application repository such as Google Play.

If we do not want to use this option, there is the one of the manual APK installation that we can find in our own TuLotero.com website. Before starting the installation, in the mobile security settings, or when executing the APK file, you must activate the software installation from “Unknown Sources”. Let no one panic, because it does not pose any security problem and if you download the file from the web that we have linked to, it is 100% safe.

Once we have it installed, it is like any other that is on our mobile. We only have to make an account, find the number we want for the Christmas Lottery and hope that this year is very distributed as it is necessary!