Try Lingvanex a free translation app for Android

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Table of Contents

An example of what we say is that this is a development that you can use in practically all Android terminals on the market, both phones and tablets. The reason is that with having the fifth version of Google development and a dispersive with 2 GB RAM the operation is just perfect. Therefore, it is ideal for use with mobiles that are quite old. By the way it doesn’t take up much in storage either (Although, here, it is true that a lot depends on the language packs you decide to download for use without an Internet connection).

With a use that it has no complications, since you simply have to look at the central area, since it is where the translations that are made from the different ways of introducing the original appear. In the free version you have the written text and, also, in the voice recognition, but if you decide to jump to the payment one, add possibilities such as images or documents. Therefore, we talk about excellent potency and use options in Lingvanex, which makes it recommendable.

Many possibilities at Lingvanex

It should be noted that the navigation Through the interface of this application you will not have problems, since in the lower ribbon are all the possibilities that the work has and, in addition, it can be deployed so that the functions that the development has are available. Among the options that attract attention is from the power copy the tractions up share them with contacts using the usual Android function.

There are things that are interesting and that make this work different, such as that already translated texts can be viewed at fullscreen with large fonts (ideal to show it to an interlocutor). It is also striking that you can access help teeth such as complete sentences for conversations with the family or in environments like the study. Here you can see the original and the translation at the same time, and this when traveling is a great help.

High reliability, key in this app

This is something that is sought in jobs that aim to translate texts and, in our tests, we have verified that meets perfectly Lingvanex. There are no major flaws to be detected, not even when it comes to understanding contexts such as the reliability of those that are written once it has been translated by the internal algorithm. In addition, the stability of the application is excellent, so you will never lose the work you do, and this is essential to give it a professional use if desired.

With a smooth download I grope in Galaxy Store like in Play Store, it is important to note that there is no pay nothing to get it … at least to translate texts and voice. Without a doubt, a good tool that, for simplicity and good performance, you should give it a try.