Tricks to avoid traps in the dungeons of Soul Knight

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Table of Contents

It is not a simple arcade, that much is clear. The game looks for that complexity to not become a pasapantallas, including levels and elements that will make us suffer immensely. As we say, the traps, in addition to enemy creatures, are the best candidates to undermine our life, even make us lose the game. In this way, knowing the types of ambushes that are in the game and know how to avoid them will be of vital importance.

Soul Knight
Soul Knight

Types of traps

We can distinguish between two large groups of traps, the barrels and the spikes of soil. Beyond that we’re not going to find in the game, unless they are in updating with more items, and within the barrel itself that we can run into with most types. Up to 4 types of barrels are waiting for us for the dungeons of Soul Knight.

Tricks to avoid traps in the dungeons of Soul Knight 1

The first of them, and practically the most common, is the red barrelwhose mission is to explode when someone round near your vicinity and with an explosion of great magnitude which weakens quite a bit. The second is the barrel blue, which launches a frost which, if not removed, too much life, we freeze to preclude the movement of our character. The following would be the barrel green, that spreads through part of the dungeon, a pollutant gas that weakens progressively. And in last stay, the barrels gray, who threw darts not very pleasant for our health.

How to avoid any trap

Although they may seem inevitable to avoid, what is true is that it is possible to get it, as long as we are careful. As to the spikes, a certain is that they are traps because they rob us of life if we stand, but they can become allies if we use them against the enemies. However, after the experience, it’s a gamble that doesn’t always happen.

Tricks to avoid traps in the dungeons of Soul Knight 2

For the barrels, obviously that we can use to damage enemies, like the spikes, but its immediacy is such that it is difficult to avoid them, and use them to our advantage. However, if we see them in the distance, we can destroy it ourselves based shots, especially the red barrels, which based shooting we explode to cause great damage to the enemy creatures close to these objects.