Travel anywhere in the world from Google search

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Google virtual tour

Millions of people in Spain have had to cancel their trips or vacations this year. With Christmas near, many are considering trips, for which there are tools with which to plan them safely. Although we may have to wait a while to be able to travel again, Google will help us discover some of the most interesting places in the world without leaving home.

They have announced a new feature that is entered in the Google search engine and that is launched in collaboration with Arts & Culture, its culture app. Thanks to this tour function, we can discover more than 100 museums or cultural places around the world and see them in detail, without leaving home.

Discover the world with the Google search engine

Google virtual tour

For now, it is something that is limited to searches in English, but it will allow us to know more about all kinds of places. When searching for information about the Palace of Versailles, the Valley of the Temples in Sicily or well-known museums around the world, Google will allow you to take a tour of these places, since they introduce a new option in the “About” section.

This 360 degree tour combines photos of the place, as well as the Street View images, so that you can really feel what it would be like to be in that place. Since you can walk in the sun in the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, or walk under the trees of Mount Haguro in Japan. These tours will bring you as close as possible to those places, so that you can at least discover them, without leaving home.

In many of these tours we also find high resolution images that come from Google Arts & Culture. These images show us the works of art and objects that we can discover in these places, like many of the museums that are present in the popular application, such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the British Museum in London or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Google virtual tour Rijksmuseum

ORa simple and fun way to discover all kinds of places around the world, without having to leave home. The Google search engine and Arts & Culture make it possible, also on your Android mobile. Although you have to look up that information in English, it is a simple process.

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