To hide the root is complicated: SafetyNet will do hardware checks

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Some time ago Android in general seeks to make life difficult for root. Both the operating system and applications or games, we know the case of Pokémon GO, they seem to have declared war on the root. Google gives now a step more, you will also affect users in Spain, with root, since the new check for hardware SafetyNet will be able to discover if there are modifications thanks to the hardware checks.

This is going to do impossible to use in the phone tools as Magisk. Which means that it will not be possible to hide the root or a ROM installed this Google tool. One more step for Google to make modifications in Android, another open front apart from the APKs.

SafetyNet will discover if you have made root

The new beta of Magisk is available: binary unified and more [ROOT]

SafetyNet was responsible until now verify the integrity of the phone by using softwarethat it was possible that tools such as Magisk could hide the modifications made, so that it gave the sensation that had not taken root or had a ROM installed in the same. This was possible by fooling the APIs of Google security, giving false results. Now go to be a check on the hardware makes it impossible.

This new certification of hardware are prevented from using tools like Magisk. Since it’s not going to be possible to provide false results when you perform the integrity check, because the Google APIs are going to verify that the certification keys of the phone are legitimate. As it is impossible to alter that area, it is not possible to hide the changes on the phone.

Although this new hardware verification of SafetyNet it’s not going to mean the end of root on Android, is a major obstacle in the way. Since the main consequence would be that you go to reduce the amount of applications available to those users that have been made or installed modifications. When you have fewer applications, there is less stimuli to make these modifications in the phone.

Why I do root my phone and install ROMs

Google is testing this new certification hardware SafetyNet in some devices currently. Has just issued a notice that said that they start such trials, though there is not official statement by now. We will see what consequences this has for Magisk and similar tools.

The input to Hide the root is complicated: SafetyNet will do hardware checks first appears in The Android Free.