Tips for keeping safe your mobile against threats and cybercriminals

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Table of Contents

One of the most used devices to connect to the Internet is mobile, where we have a lot of applications and personal and work information of the utmost importance. For this reason, more and more people are concerned about the security of your mobile device, as explained in the next article, looking for new ways to protect it. In this article we want to tell you what are the best recommendations of the experts so that you can safely navigate the Internet from your mobile.

1. It has an antivirus

Despite the majority of the people have a software antivirus in their computers, not many have one in the mobile. It is equally important to have an antivirus on this device, because in the mobile we have a lot of sensitive information that we don’t want that falling into the wrong hands. With an antivirus, you’ll be able to detect the threats and eliminate them in time.

Tips for keeping safe your mobile against threats and cybercriminals 1

2. Download applications and files of trust

With the download of files we are exposed to any virus can enter in our system, this is why it is important to download only files and applications from official stores, trusted sites, or senders known.

3. Browse anonymously

Another very good way to protect our device is with an anonymous connection to the Internet, to cybercriminals, hackers and viruses are not able to find us. This you can do this with a VPN for Android, a technology that encrypts your Internet connection and hides your IP.

Tips for keeping safe your mobile against threats and cybercriminals 2

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network connect your mobile to the Internet via a tunnel, which protects all the information that you send and receive. It is a technology very popular, especially for people who handle a lot of sensitive information from your mobile, both personal and work.

4. Prevents networks Wifi public

Surely you’ve connected to so many networks Wifi open and public with the mobile phone, without knowing the risks that this entails. These networks are very unsafe and unstable, making it easier for crooks to access your online activity and all the information that you share.

It is best to avoid connecting to these networks, except that it is very necessary. If you do, try not to enter sensitive or personal information such as passwords for example. Protect your connection to Internet networks Wifi insecure is another one of the advantages of having a VPN, as is mentioned in this articlesince the VPN they also work in mobile phones to protect your privacy.

Tips for keeping safe your mobile against threats and cybercriminals 3

5. Updated frequently, the mobile

And finally, our recommendation is that you always have updated the operating system of your mobile, and applications wearables that connect regularly. With the updates, always update the protections against virus and threats, so that the latest version will always be the best. If you have any apps or connected devices that already do not use, it is best to remove them to minimize the pathways of entry of crooks.

Protects your phone and your information

Each day grows the importance of our mobile, as we add more features and more personal and work information. That is why it is important to know the different ways that you have to protect it to be able to safely navigate the Internet. Today, there are many, many applications, tools, and tips that will help you keep your mobile safe and secure.