Tip to play from the radar of Team Rocket in Pokemon GO

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Table of Contents

In fact, the members of this group have enjoyed several special events, in which players could meet with one of their members and to fight. Currently, Niantic opens a special investigation at the beginning of each month, we perform a series of tasks to face the evil boss Giovanni, and get a great reward.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

What are the advantages of playing from the radar of Team Rocket?

Typically, in these investigations, we have to be attentive to certain Poképaradas, which kept a look darker. That means that you had a rival Team Rocket Pokémon GO, waiting for a fight.

advantages radar

If derrotábamos to some members of the team and we had 6 components mysterious, then we could create the radar of Team Rocket, although there is also the option to buy it at the store. This radar served us only to deal with members like Arlo, mountains or Cliff, as well as for the Giovanni, the Team Rocket leader. This has been the trend so far, since it is possible to play from the radar of the villains permanently on the Pokémon GO.

It is a glitch that has been discovered and at the moment it is unknown if it is an oversight of Niantic or has been activated on purpose. Certainly, to play from the radar of Team Rocket you cannot conceive of any kind of advantage on the rest of the players, nor in terms of getting more rewards or find a Pokémon special. It’s just a change in aesthetic of the map, but that can be very interesting to modify the appearance of the game.

How to get the radar forever

The process is highly simple, but we must keep in mind that the radar of Team Rocket now has to be unlocked previously. Just follow a few steps to get it, although it may take a few attempts for it to work, everything will depend on the terminal of each user.

radar team rocket

First, press at the same time on the button of said radar and a Poképarada or a gym. After that, the appearance of the radar will automatically change to what we are used to normally. Nothing happens if the game tries to load without success a gym or a Poképarada, is a normal part of this ‘failure’, so to speak.

radar map

In last place, we need to get out of that menu, and you will see all over the radar with the new appearance, keeping the rest of the game interface. In this way, we can stay with this visual change it all the time that pleases us. To return to the radar always, we return to press the button on the radar of Team Rocket.