This will be Huawei’s alternative to Android Auto with Harmony OS

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Table of Contents

Huawei HiCar Android Auto alternative

Not being able to use Google applications and services has forced Huawei to create its own alternatives to said services and applications, such as the recently presented Docs and Petal Maps, which can be used in Spain. The brand has been forced to work on its own alternative to Android Auto, something they do with the HiCar app.

HiCar is an application that is being tested in 20 different manufacturers, as well as 150 different car models. It is expected that by the end of next year it will become official and will come standard in about five million cars. Huawei thus seeks to stand up to Android Auto, something that is also shown with its HiCar screen, which uses HarmonyOS.

Huawei goes for Android Auto

Huawei HiCar

The HiCar Smart Display is a display for cars that uses HarmonyOS, which we’ll learn more about this week as the brand has an event scheduled for November 5. This screen, similar to a tablet in terms of size, will connect with HiCar OS (its operating system for cars) to be able to do anything, without having to activate the phone screen.

Huawei seeks to create an ecosystem, using your own applications and hardware, with which to dominate the automotive market and the brand goes for all, thus presenting a competitor to Android Auto. Having such an ecosystem gives them a multitude of possibilities to present applications and services that fit all types of users. Users will have access to voice control in their car, being able to control applications such as Petal Maps with their voice.

Thanks to HiCar, users will have their cars easily connected with their smartphones. It is expected that at this week’s event more will be known about how this Huawei alternative to Android Auto will work. The main objective of the brand at the moment is the Chinese market, although in the future they also plan to enter Europe with this system.

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