This video shows the first mobile with rolling screens

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Although at the moment mobile phones with folding screens are almost an eccentricity for their price, at least in countries like Spain where the average sale price is one sixth of what the cheapest folding screen costs, the future points in that direction.

This type of panel not only allows folding the screen of a mobile, but also rolling it. This is what TCL demonstrated in some models that we could see a few months ago, which anticipated what has been leaked today: the first rolling mobile.

We will not see the rolling screens this year

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In the leaked video from the TCL laboratories we can see a 4.5-inch diagonal mobile device that has a mechanism that expands the screen to a 6.7-inch, which reminds us of what the Galaxy Flip or Motorola Razr offer. In other words, a common screen mobile that is reduced by half to transport it.

The technology of these rolling screens is OLED and its strength would allow it to unfold and contract again up to 200,000 times so it should be enough for a useful life of between 3 and 4 years according to the studies that indicate the number of times we interact with our mobile.

This video shows the first mobile with a rolling screen

These types of products are still under development, but it seems that manufacturers want to position themselves as soon as possible in a market that, in all probability, will set a trend in the future.

That if, as with the folding, first we will see these screens in the high range, with prices as high as we see now in folding mobiles, or perhaps more. Even if they are successful, it will take time to see them on mobiles that are sold massively.

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