This popular SMS app has exposed user data: delete it from your mobile

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The presence of malicious apps on the Play Store it is something known to users in Spain. A few days ago it was the case of VivaVideo, a well-known video editing app accused of fraud attempts. Another popular application in the Play Store is the protagonist of today, having exposed the private data of users for months. This is GO SMS Pro, a messaging app.

Go SMS Pro accumulates more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store, a very popular messaging application, therefore. Although it is an application that contains many dangers, as Trustwave security researchers have revealed in a report.

GO SMS Pro is a dangerous app

Go SMS Pro

This Trustwave report shows that Go SMS Pro has been exposing private data for months of users, without those responsible for the application having taken measures to prevent it. The application has been exposing data such as images, videos and private files, among others, of its users, without their knowledge and consent.

A security flaw has been detected in the application code, due to which documents sent by a user through the app to another person who does not use the application means that these files are uploaded directly to the company’s servers. The receiver of the message receives a link with which to access these files. Apparently the company has been using automatically generated sequential addresses every time a file is shared. Anyone who knows the pattern used to generate those addresses would have access to the files.

Access content that users have submitted Using Go SMS Pro is not complicated. Just try for several minutes to get it. Upon entering, you have access to a huge amount of user information, from the phone number, to addresses, photos of bank details, explicit photos … Any file that has been sent using the app.

Go SMS Pro operation

Trustwave discovered this security flaw last August, when they informed those responsible for Go SMS Pro about it, without any answer. In these months they have tried several more times, with no luck. For this reason, they have published this report, in addition to recommending users to remove the app from their phones.

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