This is the best application to install APK easily

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Uptodown has created a new application called APK Installer by Uptodown. This app includes some of the technologies of the popular app store united in an application to install an APK very easy to use, complete and totally free.

Among the many app stores alternatives to Google Play, the malagueña Uptodown, a store that usually update the apps quickly, with a great catalog and the ability to download files from the web page itself, either from the computer or from a mobile phone with no space to install a second app store. The company has gone a step further and has created an installer application that for us has become the best.

The best installer application is this new application

This is the best application to install APK easily 1

The new application APK Installer couldn’t be easier. A blue background and three buttons:

  • Install Apps: you will see a list with all the APK files of our mobile phone.
  • Manage Apps: to see our applications and create backup APKs.
  • Browse Files: an explorer of files.

This is the best application to install APK easily 2

Once you click on an application will appear in a menu to install, as well as a notification to notify that the installation has been successfully completed. We have tested this functionality in various mobile (Google, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi) and all has worked perfectly with the exception of Xiaomi, where every time you install an app is an “unexpected error”.

Far from being a problem of Uptodown, we would say that is more a thing of Xiaomi and your application installer customized by MIUI. So it is possible that if you have a Xiaomi this application will not work well.

On the other hand, the application of Uptodown is compatible with formats files APK XAPK, OBB and Split APKs. Works, only with files you download from the web Uptodown, but also from other sources, as may be APKMirror or even APKs personal (I for example, I tested with an application that I am doing and that has not been published in any site).

This is the best application to install APK easily 3

The function of managing APKs we love, because we can extract an application, and save the APK to have our own backup.

These functions were already available in the app store Uptodown, a store we recommend as a great alternative to Google Play if you don’t know. And its new application for installing APK files it is also a mandatory recommendation.

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