This is how YouTube seeks to prevent you from posting offensive comments

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Something that surely many YouTube users in Spain have noticed is the huge amount of offensive or aggressive comments that is in the videos on the platform. The Google-owned app has long been trying to make the platform more inclusive and a more enjoyable place for all users. Today new measures have been announced.

YouTube seeks to reduce the number of offensive messages or insulting on the platform. One of the measures announced today will be a reminder before you post a comment, which seeks to make you think twice about what you write before posting a comment.

YouTube against offensive comments

YouTube offensive comments reminder

The new YouTube tool is a pop-up that will be shown when it is detected that you are going to post an offensive comment. This tool has the ability to detect certain words in the comment, which have previously been classified as offensive or insulting. This pop-up seeks to remind the user that they must be respectful with the rest of the users on the platform.

Google has been investing in a technology that detects and removes offensive comments, taking into account the subject of the video and the context of the comment. Google says that since the beginning of 2019 the number of offensive comments deleted in the video application has increased by 46 times.

Also, in the past quarter more than 1.8 million channels were removed For violating the rules of the platforms, of all those, some 54,000 were eliminated for hate messages. The number of accounts or channels removed for spreading hateful messages has increased on YouTube in these years, so these types of measures are necessary to contribute to a healthier platform.

This new reminder on YouTube will start showing soon, both in the application on Android, on iOS and in the desktop version of the video platform. Thanks to this reminder, it is expected that the number of comments with insults that are published will be reduced.

This is how YouTube seeks to prevent you from posting offensive comments 1


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