This is how the Pixel 5 will improve the sound quality of the speaker

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Google officially presented the Pixel 5 in September, a phone that we continue to hope will arrive in Spain at some point. Since its launch, the brand has been making some improvements on this device, as new features on your camera. A significant improvement in the sound of the device is expected shortly.

This feature has been discovered by XDA Developers and it would come with the name Adaptive Sound (Adaptive Sound) and it would be a function that will help improve the sound on the Pixel 5, by being able to adjust the equalizer on the phone. It is expected to arrive soon on this Google phone.

The Pixel 5 will have better sound

Pixel 5 Adaptive Sound Adaptive Sound

Although this function shares name with a present in the Google Pixel Buds, It is not the same. The function called Adapative Sound in the headphones is responsible for adjusting the volume according to the environment. This new feature on the Pixel 5 will take care of adjusting the device’s equalizer only.

This means that when you are playing music on your phone, Adaptive Sound will be able to perform functions how to increase bass and treble in noisier environments or reduce them precisely in those environments that are quieter. This feature uses the phone’s microphone to assess the noise level around the user and based on this information, adjustments will be made to the phone’s equalizer.

Adaptive Sound would not work when user is wearing headphones, so it seems that it is a system designed to improve the sound in the Pixel 5 speaker. So it would allow a better sound when listening to music or videos on the phone. In addition, to ensure privacy, Google says that all sound captured by the microphone is removed shortly after being obtained, processed locally, and never leaves the phone.

This function could arrive next week to the Pixel 5, although the exact date on which it will be released is not known. Another question is whether this function will be launched on other models in the Google Pixel range, something that has not been confirmed at the moment.

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