This is how Samsung improves accessibility in the Galaxy Note 20

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Accessibility on Android phones has been improving over time, thanks to Google applications, as well as working with organizations in Spain such as ONCE, which certifies which phones are accessible. Samsung also improves accessibility on their phones, something they do in collaboration with Danish hearing solutions manufacturer ReSound.

Both work together so that Samsung Galaxy phones will be easier to use for people with hearing loss. In addition, the new Galaxy Note 20 and Note Ultra 5G are already compatible with the new range of ReSound ONE hearing aids from the Danish brand.

Samsung will improve accessibility on its mobiles

Samsung ReSound

These new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note Ultra 5G are the first to be compatible with ReSound ONE hearing aids, both to send streaming audio and to act as a remote control through an app created for it. These ReSound ONE hearing aids allow you to individualize the sound through organic hearing, instead of emitting the sound from behind the ear, as before.

Users with these Galaxy Note 20 will be able to control the hearing aids from the phone, with the ReSound Smart 3D app. Thanks to it you can use the phone as a remote control. To make this possible, both brands use the Android ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) protocol that uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system.

Samsung and ReSound have also created a team with members of both companies to be able to verify hearing accessibility on brand phones. The two companies thus offer a solution for people suffering from hearing loss. A new initiative in terms of accessibility by the brand, which already obtained the ONCE accessibility seal on several of its phones, such as the entire range of the Galaxy S20.

Samsung is thus committed to offering phones accessible to various types of users. These Galaxy Note 20 thus become the first compatible with ReSound hearing aids, but surely more models from the brand’s range will join this list in the near future.

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