This is how Google will reduce data consumption on Stadia, Meet, Photos and TV

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It has been three years since Alliance for Open Media made the official AV1 codec, a codec that is present in applications as popular as Netflix in Spain. One of the features in this codec that allows you to reduce data consumption when streaming or playing content. More and more companies make use of it, such as Google, which will use it in several of its applications.

Google has already used this codec in applications like YouTube, Chrome or even Duo. Soon it is expected that more applications within the brand’s catalog will make use of AV1. Among them we find well-known names such as Stadia, Meet, Photos or TV.

Google will use the AV1 codec in its applications

In a panel discussion on the AV1 codec, has been Matt Frost of Google who has revealed the plans of the company to make all its applications and services will have support for it. Although it has not specifically named the applications that will have support shortly, on the screen it could be seen that the icons of some apps of the firm that will soon have this codec support were displayed.

The applications that were displayed on the screen, their icons, they were Stadia, Google Photos, Meet and TV. At the moment these four applications are the following that we can hope will have such support. For now, no dates have been given for them to get it, but at least you can see that it is underway.

As we have said, there are already several applications for Android that already have support for the AV1 codec, such as Netflix. Using this codec allows a reduction in mobile data consumption. Savings of up to 30% are expected compared to VP9, ​​which is currently used in such applications, without the image quality going to be worse in no time.

Codec AV1

Google is not the only one that will make use of this codec or has shown interest in it. Other companies like Microsoft or Facebook plan to make use of it in their applications and services, so the industry is receiving this AV1 codec in a positive way.

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