This is how Google Assistant will help families: new features

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Google Assistant has become an essential tool in the lives of millions of users in Spain. It is not used only on Android phones, it is also used on Google Nest speakers. Looking ahead to this Christmas, to help families, a series of new functions are introduced in the assistant.

A lot of families make use of Google Nest Hub Max in their homes. To make these smart screens more helpful, come a series of functions for Google Assistant to help families. These functions are already launched in the United States, pending their arrival in Spain.

Family notes

Google Assistant Family Notes

Google Assistant is present on the Nest Hub Max and other smart displays, as well as other home devices. Looking ahead to these Christmas holidays, a new function is introduced for the assistant, called Family Notes. It is a function with which to have better communication between family members.

Family Notes is a feature available today in the United States. Thanks to this function you can create notes, in the form of a post it, on the smart screen, with which to have all the pending tasks centralized at the same point. So all members of the family are always up to date on what is happening or what needs to be done.

Family alarms

Family Bell is a feature that has been available for a while in Google Assistant on Google Smart Displays and Speakers. This feature is updated with new suggested ringtones and sound effects on speakers and displays. Thanks to them, families will be able to have reminders to start certain tasks or simply spend time together, either resting or looking to do some family activity with which they can learn something.

An alarm can be created using the Family Bell option in the assistant settings, or by command directly. In addition, an interactive function has been added to the smart screens, to bring your favorite tales and stories to life. You just have to ask Google Assistant to tell a story and it will have animations that help you live it in a different way.

Where is my family?

Google where is my family

To help families stay connected this holiday season, Where’s My Family function is introduced?. This feature is intended for Google Assistant to provide information to family members over 13 about where their family is. You can ask the assistant where the family or a specific person is.

Information will then be provided about the location of that family member, stating the place where it was last registered, the distance of that site from the family home and the time it takes to reach that site.

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