This is Genshin Impact, an RPG like Zelda for Android

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Table of Contents

Obviously it is not a plagiarism or typical copy to The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, something that we usually see a lot on Android, especially for games that are not on the platform. This is not the case, since it has its own aesthetic and technical attributes, as well as argumentative.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Starting to download Genshin Impact

The first steps we must take to install this game are striking. It is available in the Play Store and completely free, with a size of 187 MB file, although the most important thing comes later. With the game already installed, we must register with Google, Facebook or from its own page, called miHoYo.

genshin impact record

Next, we will need a good portion of mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to download all the necessary resources for the game. It turns out that at those initial 187 MB, we must add more than 5.8 GB of files and resources before starting to play. A monstrous figure but it will be worth it to enjoy this multiplatform title.

Open world with a spectacular technical section

The game offers a story depth developed in a open world with infinite geographic resources: mountains, rivers, valleys and all kinds of reliefs await us in this adventure. It has a fairly obvious anime theme, but graphically shows the brilliance of the version of Zelda on Nintendo Switch. In this story mode, we can get numerous characters, although some of them follow the typical integrated shopping system so characteristic of mobile phones.

genshin impact inventory

The region in question that we travel through is Tevyat, where we must look for an answer from The Seven, the gods who possess the seven elements. Like all role-playing games, we find different creatures all over the map with which we must fight in order to gain experience and possibilities to improve our character. He aesthetic and soundtrack care is overwhelming, with a depth of field and textures beyond the reach of the competition. As for the melodies, they are so exquisite that they fully immerse us in adventure.

genshin impact scenarios

They say comparisons are hateful, but in this case Genshin Impact not very disadvantaged compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Despite being one of the most formidable works of Nintendo, the developers of miHoYo have managed to equalize the contest with this product both with brilliant graphics and the inclusion of certain functions that we will later expand.

Crossplay and cooperative mode

The main attraction is that it has a story mode deep enough to enjoy individually, but if any passage is difficult for us or we are more than accompanied, the game has a cooperative mode. In fact, it supports games of up to 3 players to do missions or overcome enemies in a cooperative way.

genshin impact physics

In addition, it has another star element that not everyone has, and it is a title crossplay. Genshin Impact has different versions on PC and PS4, so modes such as cooperative can be exploited by bringing players from different platforms together. On the other hand, it includes the function crossave, that allows you to start playing on a platform and then continue on another, saving the progress of the game.

Genshin Impact: Sensations when playing it

It is difficult to convey so many positive feelings in such a short time played. The best thing about this title is that you don’t even need a tutorial for basic learning, since both the mechanics and the controls are so simplified and so immersive that it is easy to adapt. In addition, the virtual buttons respond perfectly to the touch, so you can not put any type of hit even if it does not equal the physical button panel.

genshin impact combat

On the other hand, we can access every corner of the map, since its physics allow us to both climb rocks and swim in water. In addition, the combat system is simple but dynamic, being the character himself the one who is in charge of making combos and bizarre movements with the sword. Finally, we have a Zelda-style guide that will help us a lot in different facets of the game.

Is Genshin Impact better than The Legend of Zelda?

If we do this section it is because we really think that there are possibilities of being better than the Nintendo game. It is not an irrefutable truth, we simply expose the facts or attributes that Genshin Impact has and that are absent in Zelda. In the technical section, equals the Nintendo title in different areas, either in the customization possibilities, the physics of the character or the graphic performance it offers of its scenarios.

genshin impact dialogue

On the other hand, it has two tools that the first generation of Breath Of The Wild does not contemplate, and those are both the crossplay like cooperative mode. The first is easy to understand, and is that it is an exclusive title for the Switch so it cannot be found on other platforms; the second is not so simple, that it does not have cooperative mode and Genshin Impact yes, it is something to take into account. Therefore, point in favor for the latter. The only thing that can be discussed in the gameplay in both is the comfort offered by the physical buttons of the Switch, for the virtual ones that the smartphone has.