This is definitely the best weekend to test Google Stadia

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Google Stadia has been in Spain for almost a year now, and although the platform seemed promising from a moment, the year of advantage with which it arrived compared to the new generation of consoles does not seem to have served to achieve a great presence in the market.

At the technology level, I recognize that the service works spectacularly in Spain, it is especially fluid and we do not perceive any lag. However, if you are a gamer, you may not have had a great interest in Stadia until today because of a crucial aspect of the video game platform.

Best Reason to Try Stadia: Games You Can’t Play Anywhere Else Yet

At the beginning of last summer, Google announced theFounders Edition, a special package for the first players who want to try Stadia. This package was similar to thePremiere Editioncurrent, but included 3 months of Stadia Pro, the ability to have a name on Stadia withouttag and a remote in exclusive color. And since it arrived in November, I’ve spent almost a year wanting to enjoy Stadia, but I had a big problem.

It was not a technology problem, butthere was nothing I wanted to play. All the great games that came to the platform either didn’t interest me or I had already played them. The only one I really enjoyed Stadia with was Gylt, a game that you can only play on Stadia and that’s pretty cool.

This is definitely the best weekend to test Google Stadia 1

Deep down I knew that the key moment to start enjoying Stadia would be a year later, when new games began to arrive, at which time I would make the key decision, whether to buy them on PC, on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or bet on Cloud. Testing new games on Stadia, before anyone else and without any barriers to entry, was one aspect the platform needed, and it is one aspect it already has.

Three exclusive demos have appeared on Stadia. We already talked about the first on Tuesday, which was the new PAC-MAN, but surely you would like to try something stronger, and during the next few days we can already enjoy 3 demos. To play them you just have to click on the links and if you have the Stadia application installed you can play on your mobile.

Watch video

Ubisoft’s latest game from the creators of Assasing Creed Oddyssey is an action-exploration game based on Greek mythology with great touches of humor. Previously known as Gods & Monsters, it is one of the most promising games of the year, and Stadia allows us to test it before its official launch, which will be on December 3.

Play Immortal Fenyx Rising.

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HUMANKIND is a strategy game that leads us to advance our civilization during all times of humanity.


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And if you haven’t tried it yet, the new PAC-MAN, now in battle royale mode.

Play PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle.

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