This great app to capture and record your screen is free for a limited time

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Recording the screen is something that many Android users in Spain need to do on occasion. There are layers of customization that have a built-in native feature, like EMUI or One UI, that allows us to do this. But not all phones have the option to do this. Luckily, we can use applications like Screenshot Pro 2, to record or take screenshots.

Screenshot Pro 2, also known as Screen Recorder Pro, is an application for Android, which allows us to take screenshots and record the screen the phone in a simple way. This application is paid, with a cost of 1.49 euros normally, but now, temporarily, we can download free on your phone.

Take screenshots and record your screen

Screen Recorder Pro app

When you install Screenshot Pro 2 on your phone, the application allows you to have a floating button, with which you will be able to take screenshots by clicking on said button. Thus, you will not have to use the button on the notification panel or a combination of the power and volume down buttons on the phone. Taking a screenshot becomes a lot easier this way.

Every screenshot that you have taken it you will be able to edit, in case you want to cut it, to have the desired result. In addition to trimming it, it is possible to share it directly with other people through other apps, from messaging, mail to social networks or Nearby. So if you want to send someone a photo, you will be able to do it without any problem.

Screenshot Pro 2

Screen recording with this application is just as simple, since you will be able to use the floating button at all times. Although you will have to perform a long press for it, as the app indicates when that floating button is shown for the first time. The recording will then begin and you can record what you do on your phone, which you can then save in the gallery or share with your friends, using messaging apps or email.

Screen Recorder recording

Screenshot Pro 2 is an easy-to-use application that streamlines the process of taking screenshots or recording the screen. Normally, the application is available in the Play Store with a price of 1.49 euros. In a limited way, you will be able to download it now for free on your phone.

This great app to capture and record your screen is free for a limited time 1


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