This application teaches you how to sleep better

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Table of Contents

Due to our daily routine, our sleep habits are usually far from what is recommended. If we add a situation in which we find ourselves, little by little and without realizing we are losing the routine of sleeping better. Something that benefits in the physical and the mental.

Thinking about it, we have decided to look for a digital assistance that allows us to disconnect what needed to sleep. And the application that we bring you below makes a great use of gamification, so that we can achieve the goal of sleeping better again.


Our protagonist is an application that knows how to gather all the necessary ingredients of a great application. First, we find a section visual with soft colors and nice in all the aspects. And most importantly, we allows achieve our goal of a fun way.

This application teaches you how to sleep better 1

How do I get it? As turning our hours of sleep in a gameif, you read that right. We just need to set the time at which we are going to go to sleep, the time that we wake up and the days in which we need to meet those goals.

And now is when he enters the game in action, from the start of the set schedule for sleeping you don’t have to touch our smartphone. The reason is very simple, from that moment will begin to build a building, which it will collapse if the application detects that we use our device at some point in time.

This application teaches you how to sleep better 2

So technically, while we sleep, and we comply with the restrictions set forth, we are playing. In addition, to maintain the attractiveness, the application has a wide range of buildings which we will go unblocking as we meet our goals.

Since then the proposal and the way it is carried out is really innovative, in addition to simple. If we want to go forward in the game, so only we will have to meet the requirements that we impose at the beginning. This allows us to go progressively increasing our hours of sleep.

This application teaches you how to sleep better 3


SleepTown is a free application, in perfect Spanish, so that we are left with few excuses to give him a chance. And so, in a way so simple, become true architects of cities of dreams. For granted, to recover our habits for better sleep.

The input to This application teaches you how to sleep better is listed first on The Android Free.