This app tells you which supermarket has the least queue

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In this period of quarantine to which we are attending, one of the few reasons to leave our gathering together is to go to the supermarket. Becoming one of the few moments in which we can tread the street so be justified, even if there was a way to make it more efficient would be great isn’t it?

Thinking in this the Spanish startup Tiendeo has released a tool that will allow us to avoid long queues and crowds. Making more efficient our visits to the nearest supermarket and avoiding among all any type of agglomeration, so unnecessary today.

Tiendeo Where is the queue?

The tool Tiendeo shows the supermarkets along with the estimated length of time approximate

From Tiendeo have crossed the data collected from your technology Geotracking based on Big Datawith the ratings of the users that are in the supermarket. The result of that interpretation of data is generate estimates of the waiting time on each individual trade.

With this information users can anticipate and plan in that moment is the window that is most appropriate to go to make the purchase. To access the tool from the link below, we will see a map where we can see the various supermarkets and the time estimate of each.

Tool Where is the queue? of Tiendeo

To be able to visualize the supermarkets that we have around us, we must click on the icon to use our location and in seconds you will have all the necessary information. In case you move around the map manually, we will need to click on the Search button in this areafor the tool to locate the supermarkets of the zone.

Although the vast majority of supermarkets we will find the necessary information, you may there are some in which there is no reference data. That if, at a glance, we can find the places where the waiting times are reduced, thanks to the use of codes of colors in which the green is the optimal level.

From the tool itself, we can add information

Next to the color code, we will find the estimation of time approximate, so that any facility in which the estimate is below 15 minutes is a good indication. For the moment this tool is not available in the app platform, so we will have to access from the web of Tiendeo.

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