This app store suffers a hack: 20 million accounts exposed

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Aptoide is a name that will surely most are aware of, it is a store alternative to Google Playthat even was rumored to be going to be the store in Huawei phones to not be able to use the Play Store. Over the years there have been as interesting shop, a good alternative to the Google store. Although they have been the victims of a hacking, that has serious consequences.

A security breach suffered by Aptoide has caused data of 20 million users have been filtered in a number of forums in the network. Between the filtered data, we find actual names, birthdays, email, IP addresses or device registers. A huge leak, although the company seeks to downplay.

20 million accounts Aptoide


The controversy has always pursued to Aptoide, because on more than one occasion has put in doubt the legality about what they do, and have had a long legal battle with Google over the years. Despite this, it was presented as a repository pretty safe and reliable, until this security gap has shown the opposite, with 20 million accounts leaked.

This filtration affects accounts that were created and used between July 21, 2016 and January 28, 2018. As we have mentioned, have been leaked personal data of users, such as e, their real names and other personal data, such as your date of birth. The company has confirmed this leakage, although they have sought to remove iron to the topic by saying that these 20 million are only 3% of all accounts.

Aptoide has commented also that the majority of users in the platform usually does not register, so that these users may not have seen your data at risk. They say that around 97% of the users that downloaded applications do not register or log in. The company it ignores the way in which it has been produced this bug security, although they confirm that the data that have been leaked are real. Therefore, ask users to change their credentials, to avoid problems.

This app store suffers a hack: 20 million accounts exposed 1

If you have an account on Aptoide and you normally sign in, it may be best to change your password. We do not know if the company will give some additional explanation about this security flaw, as if to say what is the origin of the same (if detected), but it is clear that the security is not working the right way, something that will surely generate concern among users.

The entrance to This store of apps suffers a hack: 20 million accounts exposed appears first in Android Free.